Chole Mjini Lodge

No4 - Tree-house

Tree house 4 at Chole Mjini, or Nne, was the first of three houses with the upstairs 'tea house' design. The 'tea house' is a small, raised upper floor with its own thatched roof projecting above the top of the main roof; it's a bit like a loft with a dormer window – but with all-round views.

Nne is another of the most popular houses, and for good reason. The tea-house is ideal for relaxing, with a great through breeze, 360º views and spectacular sunsets.

Although, quite similar to tree house 7, Nne has a baobab tree and views to the open ocean (no7 has a flamboyant tree and faces more across the water towards Mafia Island).

Nne has perhaps the most appealing of all the showers and toilets at Chole Mjini. Ironically, they were designed by Anne, and built by Fundi Rashid while Jean was away.

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