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Travel reviews by Honeymooners from Aberdeen

Best holiday we have ever been on.

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 3-Sep-2008 and 21-Sep-2008 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Best holiday we have ever been on. From beginning to end we were treated to spectacular sights and experiences. The contrast of all the lodges added to the exotic feel of our honeymoon.

Suggestions for improvement:

I would suggest that the drive from Zebra River to Swokopmund was one of the most boring parts of the holiday. The main road could have been avoided if we had a permit to drive fhrough the national park. In reterospect we should have picked one of these up in Windhoek so we could do this.

An excellent geological fieldguide about Namibia is "The Roadside Geology of Namibia, 2nd Revised Edition" by Gabi Schneider (2008, ISBN 978-3-443-15084-6). It is far superior than "A fascination of geology" recommended by the Brant guide.

Detour to the Hobra meteroite was well worth it.

If going again we would spend less time in Swokopmund, and more time in the bush.

Purchased goods are entitled to a VAT refund at Windhoek airport if you have the invoice handy, although you have to give them your bank details.

Camera tripod was the best thing we took with us, for timer photos of us and night shots of the game,

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