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Travel reviews by Mr & Mrs S from Teddington

My Oct 2019 trip

On this trip, I visited Tanzania between 3-Oct-2019 and 17-Oct-2019 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


A fabulous experience - I was visiting some places again after 46 years away and for my wife this was her first visit to the country. Everywhere the people were friendly and helpful; they really made the trip (together with the marvellous animal sightings!) and it was noticeable how much they appreciated and responded to my rather 'rusty' attempts at Swahili.

We have nothing but praise for Nomad and its staff; everyone was great and it is impossible to single out anyone in particular; without exception they were all extremely friendly and helpful.

The programme put together worked wonderfully- a great start at Machweo and a mid-holiday break at the luxurious Gibbs Farm in between some fabulous safari camps with variety at each of the locations of wildlife and scenery.

Everything worked like clockwork, with one exception. We were unfortunately misinformed about the flight departure from Lake Manyara airstrip meaning we wasted 2 hours hanging about at the airstrip, whilst we could have enjoyed a relaxing and full breakfast back at Gibbs Farm rather than the rushed early morning departure.

One thing we would have liked to see in all Nomad camps was a detailed large-scale map of the NP/NCA (such as produced by Survey of Tanzania, or a google earth print) so as to better understand where we had been!

I stayed at and have reviewed:

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Gibb's Farm, Tanzania
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