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Travel reviews by Wiljo from Norfolk

Zimbabwe/Botswana Sept/Oct 2019

On this trip, I visited Botswana & Zimbabwe between 25-Sep-2019 and 23-Oct-2019 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Spectacular! Feel hugely privileged to have seen and experienced all that we did during our time in these 2 countries.

Variety is the spice of life and every day on the trip brought some new highlight, be it a particular wildlife sighting or interaction, a scenic location or an activity. The trip has re-kindled our addiction for Africa and has only served to convince us to seek more! We would happily return to any of the locations we visited and on each occasion, when it was time to move on, we wished we could linger on at each place - a sure sign of our appreciation.

We are especially indebted to Tracy Lederer for her knowledgeable guidance and patience during the planning and booking process. We acknowledge that we were not the easiest clients to deal with but only because of the need to "get it right" for these once in a lifetime trips and Tracy was spot on with her recommendations and reassurances. It was obvious that her advice was informed by her personal experiences of the various locations.

Logistically, pretty much everything went without hitch. (Even a trekking pole which was left at Muchenje somehow found its way back to us at Maun airport on the way home - don't know how, but Tracy located it and engineered its reunion!!). Appreciating the remote locations reinforces our admiration for the efficiency of your operation, working with the local teams.

We would fully recommend your services and would have no hesitation in approaching you ourselves for future trips in Africa. Till next time...

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