Yellow Billed Hornbill Safari

Yellow Billed Hornbill Safari

Zimbabwe can offer a safari that hits many of the same notes as a trip to many other countries in southern Africa, such as wildlife viewing in the game rich Hwange National Park, combined with a chance to take in the majesty of the Victoria Falls. Something that is unique to Zimbabwe though is the chance to arrive on safari by train, with the new Stimela Star service departing from Victoria Falls Station, travelling south on the railway that borders Hwange National Park to the East, and providing a much more memorable transfer to the safari area than the normal flight or road transfer.

The Yellow Billed Hornbill Safari starts at Gorges Lodge, overlooking the Batonka Gorge, allowing you a few days to visit the Victoria Falls. You will then transfer to Victoria Falls Train Station to board the Stimela Star, an overnight train with sleeper carriages, cabins, and dining cars from the 1950s. After waking up on the boundary of Hwange National Park you will then transfer the rest of the way to camp on the Elephant Express, an open-sided tram car that allows for wildlife viewing as you head to the south of the park. After four days game viewing you'll then transfer back to Victoria Falls on the Elephant Express and by road to end your itinerary.

This trip will work well for anyone looking for a classic Victoria Falls - Safari combination, but with a nostalgic 1950s touch, and an element that will really help it stand out from a standard trip.

Victoria Falls
US$4,065 per person sharing
Stays at:
3 nights Gorges Lodge – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
1 night Stimela Star – Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe
4 nights Bomani Tented Lodge – Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe


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