Desert Rose

Desert Rose

5 rooms
Fine for all ages, with supervision.
All year

Kenya’s northernmost luxury lodge, Desert Rose perches in a dramatic setting amid dense forest and jungle foliage in the towering landscapes of Mount Nyiru, 50km south of Lake Turkana. The lodge is managed by its creator and owner, Emma Hedges, and her local, Samburu staff. Emma is the daughter of Dick Hedges, who pioneered budget safaris in Kenya.

Our view of Desert Rose

Much talked about but less often visited, Desert Rose has almost mythical status in Kenya for its unique beauty and location. We were knocked out by the location and the sheer elation of climbing up into this stunning environment. Our visit was a highlight of a recent trip to Kenya and we’ve stored the lodge away as a place we will absolutely return to. We also think it’s perfect for adventurous children and teens, with its pool, local walks and natural waterslide.

Video of Desert Rose

Expert Africa filmed some of the gut-wrenching drive up the slopes of Mount Nyiru to Desert Rose
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