Saruni Rhino

Saruni Rhino

3 bandas, including a family banda
16 +
All year

Saruni Rhino is an intimate three-room lodge inside the remote Sera Community Conservancy in northern Kenya. Built between beautiful doum palms on the banks of the seasonal Kauro River, it opened in February 2017 and is the first and only lodge in East Africa to offer safaris specifically focused on tracking the critically endangered black rhino on foot using radio telemetry equipment.

Our view of Saruni Rhino

Saruni Rhino offers an unparalleled experience in East Africa and enables guests to contribute actively to rhino conservation. The rhino tracking is very proficiently conducted by the well-trained guiding team. The lodge itself is very comfortable, but it's also simple and very remote – so only come here if you enjoy travelling to areas off the beaten path. It is also important to note that the guides leading the walks are not armed and so only guests who have done many walking safaris before should consider a stay here.

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Saruni Rhino
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