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Kayaking with seals

Kayaking with seals

Reviews: Kayaking with seals

Below are independent comments from 174 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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Mr S & Ms J

"Pelican Point Kayaking"

Based at Secret Garden Guesthouse on 15 Sep 2008
"Excellent morning's kayaking. Seeing seals is a given, but we were lucky enough to also see plenty of dolphins which were playing round the kayaks." Read more about this whole safari
The S Family

"Kayaking with seals"

Based at Brigadoon on 14 Sep 2008
"Lovely enthusiastic guide. We did not take our kids but it would have been fantastic for all our kids ages 4,6,8." Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs N

"Pelican Point Kayaking - excellent"

Based at Sam's Giardino on 12 Sep 2008
"This was a great half-day trip. Jeanne was very helpful and reassured us that the trip was safe. We saw lots of seals and dolphins - it was terrific when they came so close to the kayaks, and there are no other boats around. Jeanne kindly emailed us some digital photos of our trip." Read more about this whole safari
Mr A & Mrs A

"Pelican Point Kayaking"

Based at Lagoon Lodge on 11 Sep 2008
"Great morning out with a very knowledgeable guide. The dolphins and seals were very playful and there was an interesting look at the birds on the lagoon.

Also, sandwiches and coffee are included which was a nice surprise and we were sent some digital photos afterwards." Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs G
N London

"Walvis Bay Kayaking"

Based at The Stiltz on 15 Sep 2008
"Great fun, lots of seals and dolphins, excellent guide, highly recommended." Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs W

"Seals galore and dolphins too"

Based at The Stiltz on 8 Aug 2008
"A great morning at Walvis bay. Very good kit provided with a great guide. A mix of doing your own thing and getting information. Seals playing all around the kayak. We only wished we could have been out longer. The sandwiches and coffee on the beach were most welcome after the mornings exertions. Top Tip - If possible get single kayaks, in the doubles the person at the back can have a restricted view especially when the dolphins are playing in front of the kayak." Read more about this whole safari
Ms M & Mr G

"Kayaking with seals"

Based at Secret Garden Guesthouse on 27 Aug 2008

Wonderful experience by having to encounter with the nature! It was unforgetable moment for both of us by playing with seals.

Bit disappointed with the dolphins for not being socialable at this occasion!" Read more about this whole safari
Mr & Mrs F

"Kayaking at Pelican Point"

Based at Lagoon Lodge on 15 Aug 2008
"Jeanne was a superb guide - warm, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. The equipment was well thought through, complete and in good condition making us feel safe in her hands. We then saw seals (as much fun as expected) dolphins (hoped for but truely a delight to see so many ... and so close to the canoes) ... and then the unexpected lottery win of not only seeing a Southern Right Whale but being close enough to touch it with a paddle as it surfaced right beside us - had we the inclination and presence of mind! Finally, if the cake needed any further icing, to have Jeanne on hand to take some excellent photographs and then the kindness to send them on to await our return was wonderful." Read more about this whole safari
Mr B & Mrs E

"All at sea(ls and dolphins), whales ahoy"

Based at The Stiltz on 18 Aug 2008
"Great thrill. One of the things to do before you die .................

Jeanne is a first rate operator. We really, really, really enjoyed the morning in Walvis Bay. We got absolutely soaked despite all the wet weather gear because of our incompetence, but we laughed so much that we soon dried off. We didn't stop talking about it for days after.

The trip was superb, well organised, very safe (despite several members of our party being very apprehensive rght up to launch time) and great fun. The fact that Hazel, one of Jeanne's team, bought her 2 year old with her gave some confidence to the doubters. The seals were a delight, the small dolphins (Benguelas?) came almost on board and we saw bottle-nosed dolphins and whales from a respectful distance - just as well for some of our number, given their size and the speed they were travelling at! The dolphins and whales I mean, not our team - they were appallingly slow most of the time and absolutely lacking in sea skills, unlike the bay's natural inhabitants.

The kayaks were very easy to drive (?) despite our total absence of experience - we did plan to take lessons before we went, just in case, but you know how time flies when you don't really want to do something ................... Glad we didn't bother with training, it was much better to go out on the water without a clue what we were doing. We would have forgotten anything we learned anyway in all the excitement.

Don't let any of your clients pass up the opportunity to try the experience, they wouldn't know what they had missed" Read more about this whole safari
Mr D

"Hard work but worth it!"

Based at Sam's Giardino on 11 May 2008
"We had a very enjoyable day out on the water with Jeanne. She is very knowledgeable, especially about birding, and knows the area like the back of her hand. There was only 1 other couple with us which made it quite personal. We had never done kayaking before and it's very hard on the upper body. However it was good fun and we could get close to the seal colony. We also saw a couple of dolphins and had a nice snack on the beach afterwards. We would certainly recommend this to anybody who likes the outdoors and a bit of exercise." Read more about this whole safari
Showing 161-170 of 174
174 reviews of this excursion by travellers since Aug-2007.
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