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Flights to South Africa

We arrange the flights to South Africa's Cape for most of our clients, and have superb flights rates. However, if you'd like to organise the flights for yourself, or book with air-miles, that's certainly also possible. If you arrange your flights to the Cape, we will gladly make the ground arrangements for you.

Starting from London

The easiest and most direct way to South Africa's Cape is to fly with British Airways who run direct flights from London Heathrow Airport. These depart every evening, arriving in Cape Town the following morning. In Cape Town, you usually collect a hire car to drive to your Cape Town accommodation, or to start your self-drive holiday.

The alternative route is to fly via Johannesburg with South African Airways or British Airways. Flights from London Heathrow depart every evening; arriving in Johannesburg the following morning. Then connections link through from Jo'burg to Cape Town, arriving around the middle of the day. Again, you usually pick up your own rental car in Cape Town.

If your trip to South Africa starts further north (eg: Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park), or in the Cape' east (eg: Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape Game Reserves), the easiest way is to fly with South African Airways from London Heathrow to Upington via Jo'burg, respectively to Port Elizabeth via Jo'burg. SAA flights to Jo'burg depart London every evening, arriving following morning. In Jo'burg you can make connections with SAA flights to Upington/Port Elizabeth, usually departing in the morning, and arriving around noon.

Obviously, it's easy to use one route into South Africa, and return via another – on an 'open-jaw' trip. However, note that it's not easy to economically combine the use of different airlines for your intercontinental routes; normally if you fly to Africa with South African Airways, then you will fly back with them, and the same for BA.


Starting from the USA

Flying from North America, your have decisions to make about your flights to Africa. Your two options for the flight arrangements are:

1) You arrange your flights USA -> London and London -> USA for yourself.
Expert Africa organises for you the London -> South Africa and South Africa -> London flights.

This makes sense, as we have great rates on the flights to Africa; we can also utilise low add-on rates for internal flights within Africa, when they're linked to your international ticket. However, you need to have enough connection time in London, so you don't miss your plane.

2) You arrange your own flights USA -> South Africa and South Africa -> USA, via the route you prefer, and advise us of your flight times & carriers.
Expert Africa organises your arrangements in South Africa for you, including a hire car for self-drivers, or any smaller flights within South Africa.

This makes a lot of sense if you are flying direct from the United States – e.g. on the service linking New York with Jo'burg. If you choose to arrange your own intercontinental flights to South Africa, it's best to book any connecting flights at the same time, using the same company who arranges your intercontinental flight (eg: links between Jo'burg and Upington, or between Jo'burg and Port Elizabeth).This way there's no danger of you being left with two separate flights which do not connect, in case one flight changes.

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