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Travel reviews by Ms S & Mr B from Charlotte

My Aug 2013 trip

On this trip, I visited Namibia between 17-Aug-2013 and 7-Sep-2013 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


Saskia was amazing. She catered to our every need. I would not hesitate to recommend this company. I am delighted, my boyfriend is delighted and our pictures will be amazing. We couldn't be happier. Saskia never mentioned the waterfalls at Epupa falls so that was a delight. Make sure people know to cherish their time at the water hole at Okaukeujo and that morning drives are no big deal. We enjoyed our extras we threw in...the petrified forest, the dinosaur tracks,and the water fall we saw on the way to Epupa falls, Ongongo falls. IT was one of our favorite parts of the trip. Many of our suggestions were listed in the hotel section, so read them carefully.

THere was not a place to review N'aankuse. It had tighter fenced in animals but it allowed us to get some excellent head shots of leopard, lion, cheetah. We had never seen wild dog before so that was a treat. Sounds like they run a huge volunteer oriented facility. The drive in and out was longer than expected. I wish we could have gotten a room here. They seemed a little uppity to me ...but were flexible with us when we decided not to drive back in the dark and cancelled dinner and the bush men story time. Arno thinks having Bush men flown in to their camp is absurd. I am sorry we missed them though.

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:
This feedback form was aggravating. It doesn't save each page as you go along so 2x I had to start totally over. I am writing a lot so that was aggravating. If I had to return to it, I had to scroll thru all the pages to get to where I was going. A tab system or a drop down box would have been better. Each page needs to be saved when you continue to the next page.

I stayed at and have reviewed:

Place Overall rating
Villa Violet, Namibia
17-Aug-2013 review: Exceptional Service
Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch, Namibia
18-Aug-2013 review: Bagatelle Kalahari Game Ranch review
Sossus Dune Lodge, Namibia
19-Aug-2013 review: Sossus Dune Lodge review
Cornerstone Guesthouse, Namibia
22-Aug-2013 review: Cornerstone Guesthouse review
Doro Nawas, Namibia
23-Aug-2013 review: Doro Nawas review
Ohakane Lodge - Opuwo
25-Aug-2013 review: Much better on the inside
Omarunga Camp - Epupa Falls
26-Aug-2013 review: I've been waiting to give this feedback
Dolomite Camp, Namibia
28-Aug-2013 review: Dolomite Camp review
Okaukuejo Camp, Namibia
29-Aug-2013 review: Uprgrade made all the difference
Halali Camp, Namibia
31-Aug-2013 review: Simple room, nice water hole
Namutoni Camp, Namibia
1-Sep-2013 review: Gorgeous room. Where's the Bathroom door?
Nhoma Camp, Namibia
2-Sep-2013 review: Stay with the local expert
Okonjima Plains Camp, Namibia
4-Sep-2013 review: Okonjima Main Camp review
Etango Ranch Guest Farm, Namibia
6-Sep-2013 review: Best location for the airport.
Excursion Overall rating
Ballooning in the Namib Desert, Namibia
22-Aug-2013 review: Cancelled