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Travel reviews by Mr. G from Torquay

Trip to Southern Namibia / RSA

On this trip, I visited Namibia & South Africa between 28-Mar-2008 and 17-Apr-2008 and I travelled with 1 other person.

Overall my trip experience was:


The Scenery is fabulous and the visit was well worth while.

There were problems with some aspects which detracted from the overall experience - poor vehicle from Europcar, some booking problems, some places where wer appeared to get the worst of the accomodation that was on offer, rather than the best..

Feedback response

We’ve learnt from chatting with these travellers, and are sure that we can use their very precise comments to improve trips for the future. We were delighted (and surprised) to hear that overall, despite their issues, they managed to have an enjoyable time!

We apologised about the issues with the rental car, and have taken them up with the car company’s management. These concern us; so it’s important that the lessons are addressed.

The ‘booking problems’ referred to a miscommunication with Vogelstrausskluft Lodge about a day-trip; see the link below to the lodge’s review page for comments.

With regard to them getting ‘the worst accommodation’ at some places… we can only say that we try our best for everyone. Where we know which rooms are best in a given lodge (within a given room type/price level), we always request these for our travellers. Often we are very successful – especially with more individual hotels, lodges and bushcamps. (Of course, our relationship with the lodge, and our buying power, helps us a lot!). This trip used some bigger, more anonymous hotels – so we were less successful than we often are. We’re sorry that this traveller felt that he was unlucky – but the rooms they had were simply normal rooms, typical of the establishments.

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