The Elephant Café

The Elephant Café

The Elephant Café combines an extraordinary and heart-warming wildlife experience with an excellent breakfast, lunch, high tea or dinner in their own restaurant. Opened in 2016, it is set on the banks of the Zambezi River, in a location that has been home to a number of hand-reared elephants for many years.

Most visitors reach the café from their accommodation in Livingstone by boat – a 40-minute ride that is great fun. You’ll pass through some sections at high speed, whereas in others the boat slows to allow you to enjoy the scenery or watch the wildlife. Road transfers are available too.
Once at the Elephant Café, you’ll learn about the herd and the history of the individual elephants. Then, having been fully briefed, you’ll get the chance to interact with the animals, including feeding them by hand. We loved being in such close proximity to these iconic, charismatic animals, which have long been accustomed to humans.

With your mind buzzing with memories, you’ll then sit down to eat in the elegant restaurant, which is set on a wooden deck over the Zambezi River. With a maximum of 24 guests, the restaurant has an intimate and personal atmosphere. The menu is based on African dishes inspired by European, Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine, and all ingredients are locally sourced.

After your elephant encounter and meal, you’ll be transferred back to your accommodation, either by road or by boat. Normally this will be in the same way that you arrived, but if you come for dinner, the transfer will be by road, as the boat is not allowed to operate after dark.

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