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Zanzibar: reviews from our travellers

Click below for unedited 'beach lodge by beach lodge' reviews written by our most recent travellers to Zanzibar:

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Arrival date
Dr M & Mrs C

"How many holidays of a lifetime can i have?"

I visited Tanzania and 1 other country between 17 Jul 2008 and 1 Aug 2008
"Nothing much to add to all the comments here. We all enjoyed the holiday throughout. Such a range of experiences!
I think overall the standard of accommodation at Selous and Pongwe was 'under=-sold' and the quality of the food was higher than we expected.

Only thing we didn't think was worth it was trip to Prison Island, which we organised ourself- but it was quite an overcast and choppy day so we ducked out of the snorkelling which might have added to it.

Also I think the advice against taking travellers cheques should be rather more strongly stated; although we were able to cash them directly for dollars in Stonetown we did have to do a bit of shopping around and quite a high commission rate. I'm not sure we would have any success with sterling.

Suggestions for improvement:

Nothing to add to the various comments above. We will certainly speak positively of Expert Africa and recommend to anyone looking for a similar experience." Read full review: 15 nights in Africa; 7 on a Tanzania safari
Overall trip
Family G

"A fantastic holiday"

I visited Tanzania and 1 other country between 14 Jul 2008 and 29 Jul 2008
"We couldn't have asked for a better holiday - both on safari and in Zanzibar.

Suggestions for improvement:

If only Expert Africa dealt with the rest of the world!

It was a pleasure to deal with Eleanor and her knowledge of all aspects of our holiday was spot on. Every single transfer went to plan, all on time, and the accommodation at all the venues was exactly as she had described it to me.

It was Eleanor's suggestion for us to spend 3 days in Ruaha and we wouldn't have missed it for anything.

Thank you." Read full review: 15 nights in Africa; 7 on a Tanzania safari
Overall trip
Prickly Pear

"Tanzania/Zanziabr Honeymoon"

I visited Tanzania and 1 other country between 9 Jul 2008 and 26 Jul 2008
"Overall we were very pleased with our trip,
Our Guide on the Safari, Nuru was absolutely brilliant, he had so much knowledge and didn't have to rely on the CB or following other people around to find the animals. The way he was able to spot some of them was unbelievable. Also he had such a knowledge of all the small animals as well, always showing the animal afterwards in the books he had and always correct on their name as well.
he looked after us from the moment we landed to the time we took off for Zanzibar. We were very lucky to have some one like him.

The accomodation was very impressive overall considering the general standard on view. Was really impressed with the quality and variety of the food as well.

Tanzania is such a lovely country and would love to visit it again some time in the future.

A big Thanks to Claire & Ann who helped us out in preparing for the trip that were always very helpful when dealing with them." Read full review: 17 nights in Africa; 9 on a Tanzania safari
Overall trip
Mr T & Mr L

"Great Visit"

I visited Tanzania and 2 other countries between 4 Jul 2008 and 20 Jul 2008
"Expert Africa live up to their name :)" Read full review: 16 nights in Africa; 9 on a Tanzania safari
Overall trip
Seven larks

"Expert Africa is first rate!"

I visited Zanzibar between 28 Jun 2008 and 7 Jul 2008
"Our trip was nearly flawless! It was great to have a vacation where all the details were arranged for us and all transports occurred on schedule.

Claire Scott was extremely patient, accepting changes to the duration of our trip and answering all questions without a hint of annoyance. We were totally delighted with the choice of hotels and her very good advice." Read full review: 9 nights in Africa; 9 on a Zanzibar holiday
Overall trip
Ms Meerkat

"Tanzania trip"

I visited Tanzania and 1 other country between 27 Jun 2008 and 11 Jul 2008
"Everything that Expert Africa arranged was done efficiently. All the transfers were on time and we were kept informed at every transfer.

Thank you for making our holiday a magic experience." Read full review: 14 nights in Africa; 7 on a Tanzania safari
Overall trip
Mr & Mrs K
N London

"An unforgettable holiday/adventure"

I visited Tanzania and 1 other country between 21 Jun 2008 and 6 Jul 2008
"The trip was unforgettable. We felt our itinerary was perfect with just the right amount of time in each place. We were overwhelmed by the warmth and friendliness of the people wherever we went which added enormously to the enjoyment of our time in Tanzania. It is certainly a country I would like yo go back to.

We felt Claire/Expert Africa did a fantastic job sorting our holiday and preparing us for the trip. We were really impressed with how smoothly it went considering how much we moved about." Read full review: 15 nights in Africa; 7 on a Tanzania safari
Overall trip
Mr & Mrs Coucal


I visited Tanzania and 1 other country between 7 Feb 2008 and 22 Feb 2008
"One of our most memorable overall Africa experiences. Partly because of the variety of camps, scenery and activities, partly because of the fact we visited in the early part of the wet season, implying green landscapes with fat and happy animals. This can make for very photogenic stuff, with animals pictured amongst fields of flowers and greenery, rather than dust, and I took some of my best ever pictures on this trip. Bird variety and sightings are also fabulous at this time of year.

The downside of the wet season is that things can become a bit more chaotic, with roads becoming impassable and airstrips being temporarily unusable. As such, not quite as "stress-free" as safaris can be at other times of the year, but very much recommended as an experience if all you've done before is the dry season (which was the case for us). Oh, there's one other downside too - more insects!

The balance of the trip was excellent in terms of safari/beach/city, with the Zanzibar accommodation being perfectly chosen to suit our particular preferences - thank you Ellie. Logistics were flawless throughout. Overall, very pleased indeed, and starting to think about our next trip already." Read full review: 15 nights in Africa; 9 on a Tanzania safari
Overall trip
Mr D

"Zanzibar and Mafia"

I visited Tanzania and 1 other country between 3 Feb 2008 and 14 Feb 2008
"The islands of Zanzibar and Mafia are beautiful and intriguing, however they do not even compare to the wonders that you will find when you actually get into the sea. The Snorkeling here is some of the best I have ever seen and I got to swim with Dolphins too.

The local people are very pleasant, respectful and elegant.

I very much enjoyed their hospitality I felt very safe, well looked after and had a few magical days that I will always treasure." Read full review: 11 nights in Africa; 5 on a Tanzania safari
Overall trip
Mr S & Ms M

"Tanzania safari February 2008"

I visited Tanzania and 1 other country between 3 Feb 2008 and 19 Feb 2008
"We had a great time. Some of our preceding comments are critical but these are finer details; the overall holiday was marvellous.

We do want to point out that February in Dar, Selous, Ruaha and Mahale is wet season. It did rain a lot and made roads in the Selous very difficult. Overall we got to see lots of game and other wildlife but it was not always easy. We would love to do this again in the dry season to see the difference.

Our itinerary involved several domestic flight connections and transfers but all worked perfectly. Curiously the only place where we had to hand over a voucher was the Holiday Inn in Dar.

It would be good if camps could provide more information and maps on their situation and ecology. It seems odd to come all this way to places specialising in the natural environment and find so little background material." Read full review: 16 nights in Africa; 13 on a Tanzania safari
Overall trip
Showing 461-470 of 499
499 reviews of Zanzibar by travellers since August 2007
Overall rating by our travellers
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