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North-west Kalahari & Panhandle
North-west Kalahari & Panhandle
North-west Kalahari & Panhandle
North-west Kalahari & Panhandle
North-west Kalahari & Panhandle

The Panhandle, first class bird watching.

Tsodilo Hills may seem remote and inaccessible…

…but they offer spectacular views from the top.

The region's nickname ‘the Louvre of the desert’. the darkness you will see superb examples of stalagmites and stalactites as well as bats.

North-west Kalahari & Panhandle

Reviews of safaris to North-west Kalahari & Panhandle

78 holiday reviews from our travellers of holidays which include North-west Kalahari.

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Arrival date
Ms U

"My Jan 2023 trip"

I visited Namibia and 2 other countries between 15 Jan 2023 and 30 Jan 2023

I would try to combine trip to Okavango into one day if possible. I understand concerns with border crossing (as I had them) but very fast even though we lost power and were held up. I also would have spent another day at Okonjiwa although it would have broken my budget.

As Welwitschia Drive took so long and the map was so bad we ended up climbing Dune 7 at 6:30 pm which was a blessing. The sand was cool and climb was easy. In general I highly recommend the trip.

I will say we were rather unique travelers in that we were not looking for the massive herds and numerous predators. We had seen that before. Our interest was in the smaller things, nocturnal animals, unique environments and sustainable responses to those environments. So this might not be for everyone but worked perfectly for us." Read full review: 15 nights in Africa; 10 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Mr & Mrs G

"Namibia, Botswana and Vic Falls Trip"

I visited Namibia and 2 other countries between 24 Nov 2022 and 14 Dec 2022
"We found the booking process with Tracy very straightforward, especially as we had only contacted her about 10 weeks prior with our idea of a trip to either Kenya or back to Namibia. Tracy was able to reserve all the lodges for us, and present an itinerary for our approval very quickly, after we showed an interest in the 'Pygmy Mouse' safari.

Having used Expert Africa before, we once again found the quality of the service exceptional, coupled with benefiting from the teams in depth knowledge of the countries we were visiting. We once again found Namibia to be a wonderful country, and very easy to self drive around. We absolutely loved exploring the areas of Botswana on our itinerary, and meeting the friendly people of Zimbabwe around the amazing Victoria Falls. Every petrol station we stopped at had fuel available, and all accepted payments by card or in cash.

All lodges have Wifi, usually available in the main lodge area, but we found quite often our room would be close enough to this to be able to use it there. The was a noticeable difference between the quality of the roads in Namibia (good) when compared to those we used in Botswana (not so good)." Read full review: 20 nights in Africa; 12 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Family P

"My Jul 2022 trip"

I visited Namibia and 1 other country between 21 Jul 2022 and 9 Aug 2022
"We have already recommended expert Africa and Maruska many times during and after out trip. We had already done one trip through expert Africa 6 years ago and so we knew we were going to get a great service and Maruska had such a great handle on our needs and what would suit us we trusted her recommendations and knew it would work for us.

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service: There was only one area where I think it could have been helpful to understand a little more which was crossing the border from Botswana back into Namibia. This seemed to be far more officious and complex than going from Namibia to Botswana. For example - we ended up at the board queued behind a long line of lorries ( about 20) - but we luckily decided to chance it and drive past them to the front and it turned out that was the right thing to do but had we not taken the risk we probably would have been in the queue for 2 hours. Also we did take a bit of time to work out the tipping position as we were reading the book the information on our documents and then the local information. We worked it out in the end but real clarity on tipping guides directly and specifically and then tip box with an average daily tip probably would be helpful ( but maybe we were being to sensitive about this)." Read full review: 19 nights in Africa; 15 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip

"My May 2022 trip"

I visited Namibia and 2 other countries between 18 May 2022 and 9 Jun 2022
"Excellent: it lived up to expectations, after the two year wait caused by Covid, we thoroughly enjoyed the holiday. Everything ran very smoothly, all of the lodges were good and we saw nearly all of what we hoped to see!

The food was generally very good but we did notice that when we went from one Wilderness Safaris Lodge to another the food options were rather similar because they seemed to work off the same menus!

In retrospect, we would have liked three nights somewhere. Perhaps at Ongava? If we were to have cut a destination it would probably have been one of Nxamaseri or Kazile Island Lodge where you are in both cases on the river, although we liked them both in their different ways.

The driving was generally OK but we did have three long days of driving early on almost wholly on untarred roads. Later on in Caprivi the roads were excellent. We got one puncture - caused by a screw and not the roads!

Whilst we were warned it would be cold at night it was more than that. In a lot of places it did not warm up until the afternoon, when it did become hot. We happened to encounter a lot of windy days which made it worse. On game drives you are perched up in an open sided vehicle and so the airspeed makes the cold seem much worse than the temperature would suggest. We took fleeces and gilets but a wind proof coat would have been better than a fleece. That said May still seemed a good time to go, however, because it was before the coldest time, and after the rainy season, and the lodges were not very busy and so there were no big crowds on the game drives.

Star attractions:
- Sesriem and the dunes
- Damaraland and the Daro Nawas lodge
- Ongava
- Muchenje" Read full review: 22 nights in Africa; 14 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip

"My May 2022 trip"

I visited Namibia and 1 other country between 13 May 2022 and 3 Jun 2022
"The trip went beyond our expectations for adventure, learning, excitement and fun. I believe Expert Africa made the trip a big success because they are a full service safari planning company. The website and staff provided all that was needed for making decisions and getting the right arrangement. We spent three weeks on the trip that involved 11 accommodations, three airline flights, driving 2800 km on the left side of the road and numerous guides, staff and assistants. That it all went well and left us wishing for more meant they must be doing something right." Read full review: 21 nights in Africa; 11 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Dr. L & wife

"Third time with Expert Africa, still happy"

I visited Namibia and 2 other countries between 27 Jul 2019 and 25 Aug 2019
"Except for the very bad experience with Bidvest Car Hire (hired through Expert Africa), once again, we had very good experiences using Expert Africa for assisting with planning and booking the trip. We got highly qualified, fast and efficient help from Tracy Lederer from Expert Africa putting together a good trip to this part of Africa, where we have traveled may times, although were were late out booking.

We look forward to use Expert Africa again (our travel agent for the Southern parts of Africa)." Read full review: 29 nights in Africa; 21 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Mrs Y.

"My Oct 2018 trip"

I visited Botswana and 2 other countries between 13 Oct 2018 and 4 Nov 2018
"Thanks for all help, suggestions and fast follow up, even when we had some challenges the night before we left Amsterdam due to flight changes the next day from Johannesburg to Windhoek.

Great you were thinking along how to beat that challenge and giving alternatives for accommodation if we could not make it to our first stop. Thanks Tracy!

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:
Inform your guests esp if they are used to safaris in other countries than Botswana, eg South Africa that the experience can be different. Im not talking about the game viewing which is obvious off course but the experience in the lodges. In South Africa you often for the same amount of money get more value (luxury, guest experience)" Read full review: 22 nights in Africa; 14 on a Botswana safari
Overall trip

"My Sep 2018 trip"

I visited Namibia and 1 other country between 4 Sep 2018 and 17 Sep 2018
"Expert Africa managed the arrangements for our trip very efficiently and they were all delivered without a hitch. The information we received before our trip was very detailed and is likely to inspire confidence in any traveller. This information can be supplemented by your very informative website.

Josh was very helpful when we needed to contact him and in his communications with us.

We feel that EA delivered a trip experience that was just what we had requested. We are very pleased with the service we received." Read full review: 13 nights in Africa; 8 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Mr & Mrs R

"Namibia & Botswana 2018"

I visited Namibia and 1 other country between 2 Sep 2018 and 22 Sep 2018
"This was our fourth trip to Namibia, first to Botswana, and we think it was the best trip of all. We have used Expert Africa for every trip, along routes that we have chosen and planned ourselves. We will definitely continue to do so. Their staff's professionalism, knowledge and understanding of the country and the visitor's needs are second to none; we would not contemplate looking at another company.

The route, which Claire advised us on, was excellent, taking in a variety of landscapes from these beautiful countries. She took our initial wish-list and turned it into an affordable and practical trip. Perhaps a couple of the drives between destinations were a little too long, but certainly they were achievable in a day.

We have not visited the north of Namibia before and this, along with Botswana, provided a very different, water-based experience. The lodges were all excellent; all very different, but provided amazing experiences. We are always stunned at the quality of food, service and accommodation that are produced in the middle of nowhere!

The Namibian peoples are so friendly and eager to please their visitors. The guides are always professional, knowledgeable and well-educated. They manage to provide a personal experience to each and every visitor.

It was a bonus to be greeted at Windhoek airport by a member of Wilderness safaris and helped through the car hire process. Also, the use of their lounge upon our return was good, as was the help to bypass a long queue for the baggage check.

The only trouble is - we want to go back again now!

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:

No, it's all just great." Read full review: 20 nights in Africa; 16 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Prof. R

"My Aug 2018 trip"

I visited Namibia and 1 other country between 28 Aug 2018 and 11 Sep 2018
"This was our first safari holiday and our first time in Africa and as such this was an excellent holiday with all expectations met or exceeded and with many surprises on the way. The holiday was very well organised and transfers between the lodges never caused a problem.

We saw all the animals we had hoped to see, and a few more, and despite the early morning starts, the immersion in the world of safaris was both restful and refreshing. Driving in Namibia was unproblematic and the border crossings in and out of Botswana were relatively quick.

My personal highlights: watching giraffes taking on cheetahs at Okonjima; walking to a group of Rhinos at Ongava; the beautiful Tree Top camp at Onguma; fishing in the Okavango at Nxamaresi; and the huge herds of elephants at Nambwa and Garden Lodge." Read full review: 14 nights in Africa; 9 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Showing 1-10 of 78
78 reviews of North-west Kalahari by travellers since August 2007
Overall rating by our travellers
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Where to stay in North-west Kalahari

Our suggestions for safari camps in North-west Kalahari & Panhandle

Nxamaseri Lodge

Nxamaseri Lodge

From its beautiful island setting, Nxamaseri Lodge offers superb fishing and birdwatching in a relatively affordable area of the Okavango.

93% (77 reviews)
Shakawe River Lodge

Shakawe River Lodge

Shakawe River Lodge has a picturesque location on the banks of a channel of the Okavango River.

80% (1 review)
The Lodge at Feline Fields

Feline Fields

In a remote corner of the Kalahari, Feline Fields offers guests a luxurious stay in a seldom-visited part of Botswana.

No reviews yet

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