Unguja Lodge

Baobab or Seaview Villa

At Unguja Lodge there are two different suites and though they are almost the same in price and even in build – they have one key difference.

Sea-view villas sit on a small coral shelf about 2m above the beach and all face out across the sea. They also have a small, locally-made sofa on a stone veranda in front, with a bright array of cushions from where you can enjoy the view. These rooms often get a lovely sea breeze, and do not have air-conditioning.

In contrast, the three Boabab villas are all set inland and face into a little small garden around a baobab tree. Though you sacrifice a sea view, you also gain a private plunge pool, which is perfect for those wanting a little solitude and don't want to lounge around the main pool. These rooms are air-conditioned.

Apart from these differences, the rooms are very much the same. Both are very large, detached villas with white-washed walls and a high makuti thatch roofs. Each villa has a main outside door, made from palm-tree wood, through which is a large open area, almost like an entrance hall. Curved walls act as partitions to create a toilet, which has a closed door for privacy, an open-sided shower room and an open lounge. Both of these areas face outwards, either across the sea, or into the private garden.

The oval lounge area has a bench (a “baraza” – Swahili for meeting place) which is moulded out of the wall and dotted with colourful cushions. This private spot is a great place to lounge around and read a book away from any other guests.

Then set slightly back within the villa – behind solid double palm-wood doors is the bedroom. This is a large, cool room which is very simply furnished. There is a large bed set right in the centre of the room, hanging space for clothes and a chair. Behind the bed you will also find twin sinks and a full-length mirror.

Above the bedroom, reached by a flight of stairs, is a loft space with a day bed. It can be quite atmospheric at night here with the sound of the waves and the sea breeze.

The bathroom is a simple, sparse, elegant space with walls and shelves to provide a large shower area and washbasin. Local toiletries, soft towels and kikoys and kangas are provided.

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