Khwai River Lodge

Khwai River Lodge

15 tented chalets
All year

Chris, from Expert Africa, first visited Khwai River Lodge around 1992, and he still has very fond memories of the original Khwai River Lodge, which once stood here, with understated little bungalows dotted around amongst the leadwood trees on the edge of the river's floodplain. It was one of the Okavango's oldest lodges, and full of character. This venerable old lodge was all demolished around 1997, apart from the basic structure of its old office, that has been preserved as a small museum and curio shop. From the rubble of this old camp, a new more opulent lodge arose, built and run by Gametrackers.

Our view of Khwai River Lodge

Khwai River Lodge is a well-run and very substantial luxury safari lodge in a picturesque area. The game densities here are usually high, especially toward the latter parts of the dry season, although the range of its activities are inevitably constrained as most of them take place within to the national park - where walking, off-road driving and night drives are banned.

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