Northern Kenya

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Safaris in northern Kenya are for adventure lovers and escapists. This is a remote part of the world and there are few places to stay, let alone good lodges and camps. The rewards, if you include a northern lodge on your itinerary can be memorable. Guests at Sasaab can participate in the "singing wells" tradition maintained by local herders who haul water for their beasts from deep below the surface. And if you're a guest at Desert Rose, in Samburu-land, you can choose to spend a day during your stay making a 4x4 trip far through the northern deserts to the shores of Lake Turkana - with as many encounters with local people (and some huge crocodiles) as you could wish for.

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De Brazza Monkey Fly-in Safari

De Brazza Monkey Fly-in Safari

| 9 days|Individual trip Add to my wish list
This spectacular air safari covers two extremes of Kenya's diverse landscapes - the wild and remote semi-arid north of the Namunyak Conservancy and the lush savannahs and woodlands of the Maasai Mara ecosytem in the south-west of the country. In the north you'll ... More about De Brazza Monkey Fly-in Safari
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