River Dance Lodge

River Dance Lodge

5 cabins
Best for 10+
All year

Opened in 2010, River Dance Lodge is built high in the riverine forest that lines northern Namibia’s Kavango River. This small, owner-run property has strong community links, with many of the staff hired from local villages. Guests at River Dance are invited to soak up the view, relax on the river and learn more about the Caprivi’s prolific birdlife.

Our view of River Dance

With views of the river, a tranquil setting and excellent birdlife, River Dance is a great spot for birding, fishing or simply taking in the setting. On our last visit we so enjoyed the ambience and food that we wished we could have stayed longer. The only down side seems to be the lack of proximity to the Caprivi’s national parks. That said, as a place to kick back and relax River Dance would be hard to beat.

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