Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

10 tree houses, 1 lower, with a ramp
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Excellent (98%) From 11 reviews
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1st May to 31st March

Of the many lodges that focus their activities on Tanzania’s Lake Manyara National Park, only two stand inside the park. By far the oldest and the most substantial of these is Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, which is located in the far south of the park, in a forest of mahogany, wild mango and fig trees. Opened in 2002, it has long had a reputation for having not only the park’s best location, but also its highest standards.

Our view of Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Full of style and luxury, Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is fairly opulent. It has the best location of any lodge in the area and thanks to clever design it still feels surprisingly appropriate in its patch of dense forest. Every time we have visited in recent years, we have found a very warm welcome from its experienced team of friendly staff. The food, service and guiding have also been consistently top-notch – the only snag is its relatively high price tag.

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge: Traveller ratings

Excellent(98%) From 11 travellers

Video of Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

This video is about the area and wildlife around Lake Manyara Tree Lodge.

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