Walking safaris in Botswana

The best lodges & camps for walking safaris in Botswana

Botswana isn't well known for walking safaris. This stems primarily from the lack of strong national guiding standards for walking safari guides. The result is that there are only a few camps that we recommend for walking safaris - ones where we know that the owners focus on high-quality guiding for walking safaris.

Secondary reasons for this may be the amount of water in the Okavango Delta. This means that there are lots of other activities to do and the thick bush in some areas, which often doesn't lend itself to walking safaris. That said there are a handful of camps whose primary focus is on walking safaris - and these camps do it very well.

The good news is that the very few camps that we can recommend for walking safaris in Botswana do a superb job - and parts of northern Botswana do make great areas to explore on foot.

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