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Reached by a short flight from the Luangwa, Mutinondo Wilderness is a private 100km2 reserve that we're delighted to feature here. Near the edge of the Luangwa escarpment, this pristine area protects verdant woodlands and wetland areas sprinkled with granite whalebacks (large smooth hills), crystal-clear rivers and stunning waterfalls.

Mutinondo's flora is stunning, including many orchids, natural cycads and, during the emerald season, some of the world's largest mushrooms (85cm diameter is the record here so far). The wildlife here is good too, with a good variety of antelope, and recently lion and leopard have also been sighted. You can explore with a guide on foot, horseback and even by canoe.

Mutinondo Wilderness Lodge stands on a stunning hill. Its four rustic chalets were a labour of love, built almost entirely from local materials by local craftsmen. They're large and have private showers and toilets, but are not highly polished. Expect rough-hewn stone in this wild and lovely patch of Africa.

Mutinondo Wilderness is probably best visited in combination with the lodges in Kasanka National Park, Wasa Lodge and Luwombwa Lodge, with Shoebill Island Camp in the Bangweulu Wetlands, and with Shiwa Ng'andu. It's also possible a flying side-trip of a few days from any of the camps or lodges in the Luangwa Valley.
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Location: Northern Zambia, Zambia

Accessible by: Fly-and-Transfer

Key personnel

Owner: Independent / Owner Run

Special interests

Birdwatching: Great spot for gentle birdwatching in Zambia; like Shiwa it attracts species which are absent from lower-lying areas of Zambia.

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Riding holidays: Mutinondo Wilderness offers horseback riding in the morning or the afternoon within its own private reserve. Riding along glades, around the hills and through the Miombo woodland is available for both experienced riders and beginners.

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Walking: Mutinondo Wilderness Lodge has stunning flora and walking trails which lead through verdant woodlands, across clear rivers and past thundering waterfalls. It’s set in a scenic private reserve, ideal for walking in Zambia. The lodge is accessed by private charter plane.

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Health & safety

Malarial protection recommended: Yes

Dangerous animals: Low Risk


Disabled access: Not Possible

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