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Pongwe Beach Hotel: Our full report

20 rooms
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June 1st to April 30th (approx)

Nestled between two outcrops of coral rock and on a secluded stretch of white-powdery beach, Pongwe Beach Hotel is a quiet, simple and great value little lodge. Its sheltered cove is dotted with palm trees, hammocks and sun loungers and at high tide the water cuts Pongwe’s stretch of beach off from the rest of the island. Then at low tide you can walk round to nearby coves. The result is a relaxed and peaceful beach getaway at a very good price.

A brilliant infinity pool surrounded by wooden decking is a welcome addition in the past few years, and is great for relaxing around to catch some sun and enjoy the stunning views.

The main communal area at Pongwe Beach Lodge is not overly exciting - the open-sided thatched room is large, and since the hotel only has 16 rooms, it can feel a bit cavernous and lacks some of the atmosphere you may find in other lodges. That said, it is cool and breezy during the day which is a welcome relief from the sun.

When we last stayed in November 2013 we thought that the food was excellent. There is plenty of variety and they can be very flexible if you have any particular preferences or dislikes they will try to cater for you.

Pongwe’s 16 whitewash bungalows are all simple and bright - nothing over the top, but comfortable and airy. The facilities and interiors in all of the rooms are the same - with a large Zanzibari bed draped in mosquito netting, ceiling fan, a wardrobe (made from palm-rope and wooden poles), a table and some chairs. Towels, kangas and drinking water are provided and little touches such as fresh flowers make the rooms really welcoming. Outside your room there are a few loungers or a hammock in the shade of your veranda. All of the rooms can be made into doubles and triples.

However, the distance from the sea does differ slightly. The Beachfront rooms are much closer to the sea and have a slightly higher price tag. The Garden rooms are nestled further back in Pongwe’s tropical gardens, and don’t have a seaview. Pongwe have also recently added four new Seaview rooms which are the best of the lot; they are slightly more private and also come with their own private plunge pools.

There is also a family bungalow which has two interlinking rooms. One with two single beds and the other with a double bed, both sharing one bathroom.

The bathrooms in all of the rooms are clean and functional with a hot and cold shower, flush toilet and a sink, but they’re not particularly stylish. There is always hot-water available and although it is filtered, it can be slightly brackish.

Our view

Pongwe is a simple lodge, which is not overly luxurious and offers no frills. However it is great value due to its excellent location, beautiful beach, friendly service and good food.


Location: East Coast Zanzibar, Zanzibar

Ideal length of stay: 4 nights – or even longer if you love relaxing on a beautiful beach

Directions: It takes around 35 minutes to fly to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam, and then then it is a further one hour by car to Pongwe.

Accessible by: Fly-and-Transfer

Key personnel

Owner: Independent / Owner Run

Food & drink

Usual board basis: Half Board

Food quality: Breakfast is served at Pongwe Beach Hotel from around 7.30 until 10.30 and usually consists of locally grown fresh fruit and a cooked breakfast with eggs of your choice.

An a la carte menu, which changes daily, is available for lunch and is served between 12.30 and 3pm. This normally has two choices for the starter and main courses. There is also a snack menu and a selection of freshly made pizzas available.

Then dinner is a 3-course set menu, being served from around 8.00 until 9.30pm. Specials often include a seafood platter, based on the catch of the day or fresh Kenyan steaks. They put up the dinner menu at 9am each morning so if you have any special requests about the meal or don’t like it, they will endeavor to be as flexible as possible.

When we last visited Pongwe Beach Hotel in November 2013 we really enjoyed the food. Pongwe always uses fresh and delicious locally sourced ingredients. On our last trip we had crab and avocado to start, followed by a tandoori chicken curry served with various chutneys and naan bread – both were wonderful.

Dining style: Individual Tables

Dining locations: Indoor Dining

Drinks included: Drinks are not included. You can expect to pay around US$3 for a beer, US$2 for a Coke and US$30 for a bottle of wine.

Further dining info: Pongwe do not offer room service, unless it is because someone is not feeling well and cannot come to the main dining area.

Special interests

Family holidays: The simple Pongwe is a peaceful, great-value hotel for family beach holidays to Zanzibar, especially with young though independent children who can keep themselves entertained on the secluded sandy beach. Pongwe provides cots and highchairs and gives great discounts for children.

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Honeymoons: Pongwe is a popular spot for honeymooners who want a simple and laid-back atmosphere. Relax by the infinity pool, go for romantic strolls on the beach or just enjoy the sunshine and pristine white sand. Pongwe offers a good value, idyllic and unforgettable honeymoon to Zanzibar.

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Beach holidays: At Pongwe is one of the best beaches we have ever seen in Zanzibar. When the tide is high, Pongwe sits in a private little cove. Then when it goes out, a wonderful stretch of inter-tidal zone is revealed for walking and exploring to experience your best beach holiday.

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Attitude towards children: Pongwe Beach Hotel happily welcomes children

Property’s age restrictions: There are no age restrictions at Pongwe Beach Hotel, however if aged under 4 years old the child is free.

Special activities & services: Pongwe does not organize any special activities or clubs for children - those that stay here should be happy to entertain themselves on the beach.

Equipment: There are cots and highchairs at Pongwe Beach Hotel.

Notes: Children are warmly welcome at Pongwe Beach Hotel – there are cots and highchairs readily available and great children's discounts. However parents should be aware that children are their responsibility for the duration of their stay.


Power supply: Generator

Communications: Pongwe Beach Hotel has a laptop at reception that guests can use to connect to the internet; this costs $5 per half hour. There is also WiFi here, which guests can use free of charge if they have their own laptops.

TV & radio: There is no TV or radio at this quiet beachside lodge.

Health & safety

Malarial protection recommended: Yes

Medical care: For minor illnesses and injuries there is a first-aid kit at Pongwe Beach Hotel, though for more serious cases there is a South African doctor based at a nearby resort who can be called out.

Quadbike warning: quad-biking is sometimes available as an activity from in this area. As with any potentially dangerous activity, it’s vital that you take responsibility for ensuring that you have adequate travel insurance prior to getting involved. Be aware that some insurances cover quad-bike activities only for bikes with lower engine ratings: check such clauses particularly carefully before you get on a bike.

Dangerous animals: Low Risk

Security measures: Pongwe is gated with an askari on duty; there is also security around Pongwe throughout the day and night. There is a safe in the office for any valuables.

Fire safety: Pongwe Beach Hotel has fire extinguishers in the kitchen and reception. Fire extinguishers are also located between the adjacent rooms.


Disabled access: Not Possible

Laundry facilities: There is an extra charge for the laundry – around US$1-2 per item.

Money: There are no currency exchange facilities at Pongwe Beach Hotel

Accepted payment on location: At Pongwe Beach Hotel, you can pay for any extra charges in British pounds, US dollars and euros cash, as well as Visa and Mastercard (there is a 6% charge for cards).

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