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Stone Town Discovery Tour

Stone Town Discovery Tour

Reviews: Stone Town Discovery Tour

Below are independent comments from 20 of our travellers who have done this activity and have kindly agreed to share their thoughts. They do not necessarily represent the views of Expert Africa.

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"Insiders' Tour of Stone Town"

Based at Zanzibar Palace Hotel on 19 Jul 2019
"It was an interesting experience to be taken around Stone Town by a local who was born and raised in Zanzibar. He took us through local markets and the winding streets of the town, which could have been confusing to navigate on our own. He also encouraged us to try local foods to enhance the experience (halwa, baobab, coffee).

We enjoyed hearing about his history of the town, but would have been interested to hear more about the interactions of all the various groups that comprise Zanzibar, particularly post-revolution. Still, it was a great introducing to the town." Read more about this whole safari
Damara Dik Diks

"Intersesting, informative Tour"

Based at Emerson Spice on 18 Jul 2019
"Our guide was very good. He explained the history of Stone Town and also took us to the markets and we had a very good all round walk. We could see and he explained to us, the dire need for renovation. It is sad to see things on hold, eg the House of Wonders. Money seems to not reach the right people! A sense of a town which is surviving but which really needs its government to direct funds to restore buildings and things like refuse collection.

Local people great, and a sense of harmony between Christian, Hindu and predominantly Moslem communities. This was a big positive.

Sensed the future depends upon government really thinking carefully about how it regulates tourism and ensures locals have chance to stay living within Stone Town.

Very good English spoken by our guide and he gave us a really good tour." Read more about this whole safari
Mr S.

"Stone Town Discovery Tour"

Based at Emerson Spice on 13 Jul 2019
"A different perspective on Stone Town." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs P.S.

"superficial over view"

Based at Emerson on Hurumzi on 24 Sep 2018
"It was a good way to understand the layout and history of the place.

It did not include any visits to museums but the guide gave plenty of information.

We were disappointed not to be taken into the slave museum as we has specifically asked for our tour to be focused on the slave trade when we booked our holiday months beforehand." Read more about this whole safari
Mr Peter P

"Stone Town Discovery Tour review"

Based at Chumbe Island Lodge on 19 Aug 2018
"Was a slight dissapointment. Hope to do some shopping for wood carvings, but it didn't happen. The guide and his family were very hospitable for the home hosted lunch. However, it was way too much food for the middle of the day, especially given the heat. Enjoyed the conversation however.

Liked the cafe he took us to, especially the specialty coffee drink.

Hoped to tour the Membi ruins, but it didn't happen." Read more about this whole safari
Ms W

"An excellent introduction to the highlights!"

31 Oct 2017
"Our guide arrived promptly as pre arranged. He asked us first our areas of interest, reviewed our time allotment and made a few suggestions of things we should not miss before we headed out. He was born in Stone Town and knew lots of interesting little tidbits about the city that made it much more interesting.

He was very polite, had a good sense of humour and was determined that we should enjoy our tour. We saw everything we wanted to see, felt very safe, were introduced to some delicious street food and packed in as much as possible.

He was also helpful in giving us directions for further sightseeing and shopping on our return to Stone Town on our departure date which was very helpful as well." Read more about this whole safari
Mrs S


Based at Emerson Spice on 7 Sep 2017
"Spent a fascinating morning in the company of Anjam, who was very friendly and open, and extremely knowledgable on all aspects of Zanzibari life past and present. The time flew by as we were led around the labyrinth of streets that is Stone Town.

Despite two bouts of torrential rain which turned the roads into rivers, we enjoyed every minute as Anjam, a third generation Stone Town resident, had so much to tell us, and there was so much to see and experience! A meal prepared by his wife and shared in their home was a fabulous end to the morning!

The spice tour was very interesting, our guide led us around the plantation on foot, pointing out to us the many different varieties of spices and fruits on the way. The tour finished with a tasting session of the local fruits and drinks made from the spices - very enjoyable!" Read more about this whole safari

"Like being taken around by a friend."

Based at Emerson Spice on 24 Jan 2017
"Anjam was absolutely excellent and very informative.

He was very attentive to our needs and made regular stops as it was so hot.

We have had many guides all over the world and he would rate in the top 3." Read more about this whole safari
Ms T & Mr B

"Stone Town walking tour"

Based at Serena Inn on 6 Oct 2009
"Our guide, Soloman, was excellent! He shared many experiences of life in Stone Town from his own and the locals perspective. We enjoyed him so much that we asked that he also be our guide the following day for the trip to Prison Island!

We would rate the tour itself as 'excellent', but we rated it only as 'good' because of the following organizational incident:

Fisherman's Tours has a main office in town and an office in the Serena Inn. The woman at the Serena lacked knowledge about the trips that she booked for us. She told us the walking tour was 2 hours (although Expert Africa had mentioned 4 hours) and that we could make our booking for the next day's excursion when we returned from the walk. As the walking tour was indeed 4 hours, the office was closed at the Serena when we returned. In fact, we cut our tour short by 1/2 hour to try to get back to the office at the Serena before it closed. We were upset the next day's excursion needed to be booked the day before. Our guide came to our rescue! Soloman phoned someone, who could 'fix' this and our next day trip to Prison Island was arranged through the Fisherman's office in town, with Soloman as our guide. However, the next day there was quite an uproar! The woman at the Serena office was very upset that we had booked through the main office - although she was the one who didn't know the length of the walking tour which created this situation! After many people were contacted, and great discussions, we were on our way to Prison Island, with Soloman as our guide." Read more about this whole safari
Mr M

"Stone Town Discovery Tour"

Based at Serena Inn on 2 Oct 2007
"Overall the tour was good, taking us on a walking tour of the streets and markets of the old town. The guide was knowledgable, there was very little hassle from traders. They would invite you in to shop but accepted a smile of declining.

We were unlucky that it rained heavily for half of the time" Read more about this whole safari
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20 reviews of this excursion by travellers since Aug-2007.
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