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1st June to 31st March

Robinson's Place is spread around a beautiful shady garden, beside an idyllic stretch of beach, and is unlike any other beach-side accommodation on this website. It is run by a lovely European–Zanzibari couple, Ann and Ahmed (known as Eddie), and feels more like an eccentric family home than a lodge. You will always get a very friendly welcome here, and with only 12 guests at a time, the pace of life is relaxed and laid-back.

However, it must be said that this is definitely a place for a certain type of visitor. There is no electricity here at all – so definitely no air-conditioning, no internet and no ice-cold drinks from the bar. Being here is really about experiencing a particular lifestyle choice, not indulging in luxury.

At Robinson's Place there is no bar or restaurant so to speak of. The lounge is part of a quaint two-storey thatched structure, made from wood and palm leaves, which is very lovely and very rustic. The ground floor is open-sided with a polished and painted concrete floor. There is a stone bench around the edge which is littered with colourful Zanzibari cushions.

Up a set of wooden stairs under the thatched roof is a great spot for lounging out of the sun, either on the bed which looks out over the sea, or in the hammock chair which hangs from the ceiling.

You'll find a couple of hammocks and chairs dotted around amongst the trees – although most people will spend their time lazing on the beach, which is almost a continuation of the garden.

At dinner-time, rugs and cushions are spread over the lounge and guests get together to chat as the day turns to evening, enjoying the food that's been cooked with care on an open fire.

The rooms at Robinson's Place vary quite a bit, some are stone and others are tree-house style reed and thatch. We recommend the large Master Bedroom in the main house, as this is a lovely, large room and it's the only room that has an en-suite bathroom.

Ann and Eddie do their very best to make Robinson's Place self-sufficient. They keep chickens across the road, grow their own fruit, and consciously shy away from any idea of becoming a tourist-trap. When we were last here, Robinsons Place was charming. It's a great escape from the real world, and one that's trying very hard to be sustainable – albeit in a small way.

Our view

Robinson's Place is an inspiring and very peaceful place for more intrepid travellers – but they shouldn't expect to find mod cons or many creature comforts here!


Location: Michamvi Peninsula, Zanzibar

Ideal length of stay: 3 nights or more

Directions: It takes around 35 minutes to fly to Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam, and then it's a further one hour by car to Robinson's Place.

Accessible by: Fly-and-Transfer

Key personnel

Owner: Independent / Owner Run

Staff: Ann and Eddie

Food & drink

Usual board basis: B&B

Food quality: Breakfast is usually a plate of fresh fruit – often from Robinson's Place own garden. Dinner is then a simple meal cooked over an open fire, usually consisting of rice and vegetables with fish or meat. Dinner is served in a traditional Swahili style to guests who sit together on rugs and cushions on the floor.

Robinson's Place does not serve lunch, though there are a number of nearby hotels and resorts along the beach that are within easy walking distance. The particularly good Sunrise Hotel and Restaurant is only a 15-minute walk down the beach and has some of the best food on Zanzibar.

The food served at Robinson's Place is very simple, yet very fresh Swahili food made from local produce – and the owners try their best to produce a lot of their own food, and source the rest very locally.

Dining style: Group Meals

Dining locations: Indoor and Outdoor Dining

Drinks included: Drinks are not included though you might occasionally be offered some home-made lemonade

Further dining info: No


Attitude towards children: Children are welcome at Robinson's Place

Property’s age restrictions: There are no age restrictions for children at Robinson's Place.

Special activities & services: There are no special activities for children

Equipment: Cots can be provided on request.

Notes: Robinson's Place is very laid back and welcoming - perfect for a family with older children who can entertain themselves. Though parents should be aware that children are their responsibility for the duration of their stay.


Power supply: None

Communications: There is intermittent mobile reception here.

Health & safety

Malarial protection recommended: Yes

Medical care: For minor illnesses and injuries there is a first aid box at Robinson's Place, and Ann is a nurse. For more serious cases a nearby doctor can be called.

Dangerous animals: Low Risk

Security measures: There are a few friendly dogs at Robinson's Place that act as watch guards.

Fire safety: Robinson's Place has an enormous fire hose that can be linked up to the water system in the case of a fire. The fire hose is brand new – and even has Robinson's name embossed along it! They also have a fire blanket.


Disabled access: On Request

Laundry facilities: Laundry is an extra charge and is organized through local women who ask their own price (this is always negotiable) and return the laundry in 24 hours depending on the weather. Your clothes will be hand washed with harsh soaps – it is advisable not to give them any delicates.

Money: Robinson's Place will happily exchange US dollars cash.

Accepted payment on location: You can pay for any extras is US dollars or Tanzanian shillings cash. Robinson's Place do not except any credit cards or traveller's cheques; there is nowhere nearby to change money.

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