Kings Pool

Kings Pool

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King’s Pool Camp overlooks a picturesque oxbow lagoon on the Linyanti River, which forms the border between Botswana and Namibia. It's classed by its owners as a “premier” camp, implying – among other things – relatively grand and luxurious accommodation, high levels of personal service, and a standard of food (and the size of its price tag) that is well above average. In December 2019 one of the guest rooms at King’s Pool was struck by lightening and burnt down. Thankfully on-one was in the room and no-one was injured fighting the fire. Thus King's Pool now operates as an eight roomed camp.

Our view of Kings Pool

King’s Pool is already a very good camp. It's luxurious, the service is faultless, the food is very good and, when it's dry, the game viewing can be good. If you want a very high-quality safari camp where you can experience the riverine environment that's typical of the Chobe and Linyanti riverfronts, it's certainly a good option. However, in some areas the camp could do with updating to match comparative camps in northern Botswana, which may well be addressed by the refit in 2018–2019.

Kings Pool: Traveller ratings

Good(71%) From 7 travellers

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