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The Okavango's waterways are often crystal clear; great for a tranquil mokoro trip.

The Makgadikgadi Salt Pans are the bed of an ancient lake

All of our fishing in the Okavango is done catch-and-release

Floating papyrus reed beds create a new experience for every boat trip

A leopard will exploit every possible advantage when hunting

Animals in Botswana's protected areas are generally relaxed around safari vehicles

The Gomoti River forms part of Moremi Game Reserve's southern boundary.


Botswana: reviews from our travellers

Original reviews written by our most recent Botswana travellers.

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Arrival date
Mrs R


I visited Botswana and 1 other country between 8 Sep 2007 and 19 Sep 2007
"The best part was the variety of wildlife - hard to beat.
Travel at times rather hot and tiring but just had to be got through!

People on the whole were lovely and guides very good.
We would go back to Botswana again, maybe to other camps." Read full review: 11 nights in Africa; 6 on a Botswana safari
Overall trip
Mr & Mrs H

"the magis that is africa"

I visited Botswana and 1 other country between 6 Sep 2007 and 16 Sep 2007
"we had a really wonderful time we especially wanted to see the African wild dogs and did so 3 times including just after a kill
everyone at the camps was really good, nothing was too much trouble, sad to leave africa

we love informality but wondered if the staff should wear first name tabs ,staying only 2/3 nightsyou really struggle with names other than your tracker and guide.

you missed out african Odessey transfer which was not good. the guy that met us had no juice on his phone and the minibus was late, when he turned up we were not on his list. then he checked and said our flight was 12.45. he must of then received another call because we went from slow to fast to the airport,we arrived at 5 to 11 for an 11am flight!" Read full review: 10 nights in Africa; 6 on a Botswana safari
Overall trip
Mrs H

"two weeks of meeting africa"

I visited Botswana and 2 other countries between 6 Sep 2007 and 22 Sep 2007

Only problem is I daren't hink of going back (at the moment) in case it wasn't as amazing the next time.

I was impressed by Lucy right from the first time I contacted the office at 5.25 one afternoon and I was offering to ring back at a more convenient time, and she just said that it was fine and too important to leave and she would sort out what I wanted straight away." Read full review: 16 nights in Africa; 6 on a Botswana safari
Overall trip

"Excellent trip -no hitches in organisation"

I visited Zambia and 3 other countries between 31 Aug 2007 and 25 Sep 2007
"Expert Africa as good as last time.

Chris gave good overall initial guidance and Lucy Scholte was just great and worked continuously to make sure we got what we wanted on our itinerary. Even after trip had been paid for Lucy still worked up to departure to get changes in bookings to meet requested loges/camps.

Not many agents bother like that once the cheque is in. Really outstanding work by Lucy and much appreciated.

We would certainly use Expert Africa again." Read full review: 25 nights in Africa; 7 on a Zambia safari
Overall trip
Mrs K

"An excellent holiday - thank you!"

I visited Botswana between 30 Aug 2007 and 11 Sep 2007
"This was our second booking with Expert Africa and as last year, it was excellent with all of the transfers and arrrangements working extremely well.

We appreciated the help and advice given when booking the holiday; if we had been left to our own devices we would have chosen a hotel on the waterfront in Cape Town but after discussing options with Lucy we chose to go to Bishops' Court. We are very grateful for the recommendation, having now visited the waterfront we realise that being based there would not have suited us at all.

You are definitely our first choice for another African holiday." Read full review: 12 nights in Africa; 6 on a Botswana safari
Overall trip
Mr S

"Unforgettable!! Thank you Expert Africa!"

I visited Botswana between 15 Aug 2007 and 27 Aug 2007
"Our trip was well planned around the bookings in Kwara and Lebala.

Thanks to Lucy and Chris (from Expert Africa) whose professional help and planning ensured the success of our trip." Read full review: 12 nights in Africa; 8 on a Botswana safari
Overall trip
Mr K


I visited Botswana between 12 Aug 2007 and 24 Aug 2007
"This is the full yext of an email sent without prompting.

We are back from our hols and I wanted to say thanks for your help and guidance.

The holiday was fantastic and we even managed to hold onto our luggage, which many people didn't.

The camps which you recommended at Kwara and Lebala were both fantastic. Exactly as you described as ''lacking the chic of CCAfrica'' but very comfortable with good food and very high standards of game viewing. We had a great time at both camps with great staff and great game viewing. Our guides (Steve at Kwara and Vundi at Lebala) were first class in all respects.

The 'tents' at Kwara are new and very smart, whilst at Lebala they are older and a bit tatty in comparison.

The only slight hesitation with Kwando is that all camps seem to serve the same meals on the same day each week. so anyone doing 3 or 4 Kwando camps would spot this. The food was always good and more than enough, so it is a very minor issue meant to be constructive.

The transit arrangements at Jo'burg worked very well, though the transit lounge only has one scanner and so there is a large line to get through.

Now the negative! Luckily it was the single element of the holiday that we insisted upon so you are totally in the clear.

We returned to Nexabega because we enjoyed it so much last time. The camp was largely unchanged from 5 years ago and the food and accommodation is superior to Kwando in small details such as style and the quality of the cuisine. However with water levels in the Delta very high this year the game viewing at Nexabega was very poor. The staff admitted that some 5 weeks back they considered closing the camp because of water levels and the lack of game. The range of area available for game viewing was limited due to the water depth. There were loads of Elephants, Giraffe and great bird sightings. No big cats at all (no Lion for the last 4 months), though there is a Leopard in the area which we did not see..

It is a bit like going skiing when the hotel has failed to mention there is virtually no snow! I would be very careful of sending other customers to this location. It is still pretty scenic with all the water but so is Kwara ( with Boat and mocorro trips) and Lebala (no water based activities) but lots of lagoons to drive around, and there was massive animal populations with daily Lion and Leopard sightings. We also saw large herds of Zebra and Buffalo. We saw 4 big cat kills with Kwando and Lebala which had daily sightings of Lion prides and Leopards at both camps, Nexabega was very sparse in comparison." Read full review: 12 nights in Africa; 10 on a Botswana safari
Overall trip

"everything we wished for"

I visited Botswana and 2 other countries between 11 Aug 2007 and 11 Sep 2007
"Great guidance on choosing camps from Maruska. They suited us ideally in terms of standard of accommodation, variety in environments, game viewing, fellow guests.

All arrangements worked out well - the few minor comments are in the individual sheets but given more as constructive feedback than complaints.

Quilalea a great add on but it will be better when there are better flight connections." Read full review: 31 nights in Africa; 12 on a Botswana safari
Overall trip
Mr K
Channel Islands

"Botswana Winter Special"

I visited Botswana between 5 Aug 2007 and 18 Aug 2007
"The most important thing about any trip is to make sure it is well organised, everything has been booked and you have been well breifed. I would like to thank Expert Africa for taking care of this part of my holiday, because then i just need to turn up and follow the instructions.

What happens on a safari is largely out of your hands, i did not want to spend 3 days in an ash/dust bowl, but seeing that is what was on offer and the is nothing you can do about the weather, it's best to make the most of it and enjot the expereince.

Wildlife does not have an agenda and there is never any guarantee, go with an open mind, expect to see nothing and then be amazed a what nature can provide. This is my 7th safari and I had my first sighting of a wild cheetah, in pretty poor light, but the experience was stunning and well worth the wait." Read full review: 13 nights in Africa; 11 on a Botswana safari
Overall trip
The P family

"The best ever trip"

I visited Botswana and 2 other countries between 1 Aug 2007 and 22 Aug 2007
"Superb holiday - simply the best.

The hotels/lodges/transport etc all worked like clockwork. The combination of accomodations suited us well - teenager friendly, good quality, good food etc. People incredibly helpful and friendly.

Would change little in retrospect - probably only a direct flight from Cape Town to Maun." Read full review: 21 nights in Africa; 6 on a Botswana safari
Overall trip
Showing 1221-1230 of 1236
1236 reviews of Botswana by travellers since August 2007
Overall rating by our travellers
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