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Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills
Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills

Amboseli's most famous icons are its elephants and the mass of Kilimanjaro.

The Chyulu Hills offer spectacular walks in the hilltop cloud forest.

Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills

Reviews of safaris to Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills

36 holiday reviews from our travellers of holidays which include Amboseli & Chyulu Hills.

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New Mexico

"Can I come back every year?"

I visited Kenya between 1 Dec 2020 and 23 Dec 2020
"What was special for me on this trip, my second to Kenya and fifth to Africa, was the opportunity to see more of the country at eye level. Meaning that in driving ourselves around we could more easily stop in little towns and villages along the way.

Kenya, like much of Africa, is bustling with people walking to and from work in the larger cities and towns, or shuttling a goat to market on the back of a motorbike, or working a corn field with a hoe. The individual sellers in a street stall or market are invariably friendly and, they are always happy to show you what they've got and encourage you to negotiate if you like something. The park rangers and guides love sharing their knowledge of the plants and animals.

These are what earn Kenya the nickname, the warm heart of Africa.

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:

I WAS SUPER IMPRESSED AND THANKFUL THAT RICHARD CAUGHT A MISTAKE IN MY FLIGHTS which gave me time to correct the oversight. I ran into a snafu with my outbound flight that caused me to have to rebook on a different airline and would not have noticed the error on the return flight until I got to the airport, potentially either missing my flight or losing my last day of the trip.

So kudos again, Richard, for your thoroughness!

[Ed: This traveller booked her own flights. As is our usual practice, we'll always try to bring any flight issues the the attention of our travellers as/when we become aware of them, even if our travellers have arranged their own flights.]" Read full review: 22 nights in Africa; 12 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip

"Kenya in a nutshell"

I visited Kenya between 28 Jan 2020 and 5 Feb 2020
"Enjoyed being in two contrasting locations. Amboseli is elephant heaven and I had some wonderful, very close, encounters with ele families and watched a cheetah and her cubs dining on her catch of the day (brilliant guiding by Joseph). After the open plains, Meru was deep bush - so much rain, even the lions had taken to the trees - and different animals to see.

Accommodation in both places was great, especially Elsa's Kopje, with its lovely staff and attention to detail." Read full review: 8 nights in Africa; 7 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Mr & Mrs LN

"A mixed bag indeed"

I visited Kenya between 8 Jan 2020 and 27 Jan 2020
"The trip was influenced by unseasonable rains throughout the country. Everywhere did the best they could with the conditions and should be praised for their efforts.

Kicheche Valley in Naboisho Conservancy and Il Moran in the Mara Reserve were wonderful places to stay. The welcome, the location, the staff, the food and the guiding were all very professional and we would certainly go back to both of them.

Satao Elerai is in a beautiful location especially if you are lucky enough to see Kilimanjaro. Satao Camp is tired and would benefit from some energy from management.

The guiding problems we had with Southern Cross definitely affected our safari in both Amboseli and Tsavo East. Guides are vital to the enjoyment of these wonderful places and make a huge difference to what you see, learn and enjoy. If they are not of a suitably trained standard, temperament or not enthusiastic about all wildlife, long-anticipated (and expensive) trips will be spoiled. Quick fixes, such as offers of treats or bottles of wines, do not detract from the very bad taste of having to complain and try to get someone to take us seriously.

As travellers are told to do, we complained to the management and sent emails with our concerns and experiences to Expert Africa. Although Richard was liaising with Southern Cross what he was being told was often not what we were experiencing on the ground. In fact, he was being given false information. Six of the last 7 days on safari had problems. Julius at Satao Elerai did discuss things with us and try to sort out a solution. The problem with that is that the low standards should not have been acceptable to the Lodge or Southern Cross in the first place. During the last 4 days with the final guide, neither camp management nor Southern Cross management dealt with us directly. We are left feeling frustrated, angry and disappointed with a reasonable part of our trip." Read full review: 19 nights in Africa; 13 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Mrs Jana

"Luxury Kenya 2019"

I visited Kenya between 7 Nov 2019 and 16 Nov 2019
"It was the best trip of my live but I was really disappointed about the Karen Blixen Camp

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service

Many Thanks to Lyndsey and the whole team.
I´m 100% satisfied and if I want to go to Africa once more, I would book with you

Many Thanks" Read full review: 9 nights in Africa; 9 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Mr & Mrs H

"Our October 2019 trip"

I visited Kenya between 17 Oct 2019 and 27 Oct 2019
"We have been travelling to Africa for over 12 years and this was our first trip to Kenya. Our overall experience was good with certain aspects being very good.

The majority of our fellow travellers were safari first timers and combining there holiday with a beach experience either on the coast or the island of Lamu. One of the attractions of a safari experience is meeting people from different parts of the world and sharing experiences and we were not disappointed on this trip." Read full review: 10 nights in Africa; 10 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Mr W

"Out of Africa"

I visited Kenya between 1 Oct 2019 and 16 Oct 2019
"If something is not broken it does not need fixed. This trip was well planned and well executed at all levels, congratulations to everyone who helped make it a success and a trip of a lifetime.

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:
Hard to improve on excellence." Read full review: 15 nights in Africa; 14 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Mrs S.

"My Sep 2019 trip"

I visited Kenya between 18 Sep 2019 and 27 Sep 2019
"This was our first safari. Everything about it matched our expectations.

Highlights were seeing a black rhino, lion cubs and cheetahs on a kill. Another highlight was visiting the Masai which was a very moving experience.

Bush breakfast in Amboseli under an acacia tree was fun too!

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:

Olivia absolutely found the trip I was looking for." Read full review: 9 nights in Africa; 8 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Mr S & Ms B

"A great return to Kenya "

I visited Kenya between 3 Sep 2019 and 17 Sep 2019
"We thoroughly enjoyed our trip. All the components ran very smoothly and we felt well taken care of throughout. Expert Africa had clearly passed on our dietary requests to the camps in advance.

We have previously visited Kicheche Laikipia and Kicheche Bush and this trip confirmed our liking for Kicheche Camps in terms of style, ethos and level of comfort." Read full review: 14 nights in Africa; 11 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Mr and Mrs G

"Beautiful Intro to Kenya & Tanzania"

I visited Kenya and 2 other countries between 15 Aug 2019 and 5 Sep 2019
"Glorious trip to Kenya and Tanzania, our first visit to those countries. Having travelled in Africa extensively before, the punctuality and efficiency of collections etc was impressive. We thoroughly enjoyed the insight into local culture and the safari opportunities were stunning. All guides very kind and friendly, always keen to please.

Our limited constructive feedback as follows: All camps provided toiletries and washing powder, so no need to bring. Camps advertising laundry services still did not wash underwear (male or female), nor handkerchiefs. Drive to Il Ngwesi from Wilson airport was interesting, but ended up as quite an odyssey as driver did not know the way through Lewa Conservancy to the camp. As no signs available, this ended up as an additional 2 hours of desperately trying to find the camp before dark. All good in the end, but maybe check drivers know their destination before setting off." Read full review: 21 nights in Africa; 13 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Mrs K & 5

"My Aug 2019 trip"

I visited Kenya between 10 Aug 2019 and 26 Aug 2019
"Fantastic - we've been singing the praises of Expert Africa since we returned. Everything was seamless and we didn't worry about a thing from the moment we arrived in Kenya. We had no idea what to expect on our first trip to Africa and this was the perfect introduction. I don't think we would have done anything differently.

We did go to Karen Blixen's home and while interesting - it isn't worth a stop if under a time crunch.

One of the reasons we loved Il Ngwesi so much was because of the community involvement in the lodge. It meant a lot to us that the money was going back to the 7 villages, who sat on the board of the lodge. We spent a long time talking to the staff at Porini/Gamewatchers and while their arrangement with the company and the villages is better than most, it is still not owned by the Maasai. It would be wonderful if there were more lodges and guide services owned by native Kenyans.

We had mixed feelings about the village visits. The one at Il Ngwesi was better because it was presented as "traditional" while acknowledging that things had changed. Yes, they use matches and cell phones and dress in tshirts, etc. The one at Selenkay seemed a little more artificial. While it was really good for us to learn how the Maasai have lived traditionally, we were really interested in their lives today. How have things changed? What do they see for the future? Our guides were willing to discuss it, but it would have been nice to talk to some of the villagers about it as well. For instance - none of our guides had multiple wives and almost all of them chose their own. One didn't own any livestock. Quite a few lived in more modern homes. We felt like it was perpetuating a view of Africa that was not up to date.

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:

Recommend some more trips for us!

Also, I didn't see any multi-country trips on the website. We asked everyone where to go next and some recommended Namibia, Botswana, Victoria Falls trip.

Would be lovely to see an itinerary for that." Read full review: 16 nights in Africa; 11 on a Kenya safari
Overall trip
Showing 1-10 of 36
36 reviews of Amboseli & Chyulu Hills by travellers since August 2007
Overall rating by our travellers
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Where to stay in Amboseli & Chyulu Hills

Our suggestions for safari camps in Amboseli and the Chyulu Hills

Tortilis Camp

Tortilis Camp

Tortilis is a finely situated and well built safari camp located in the private Kitirua Consarvancy just outside Amboseli National Park and with wonderful views of Kilimanjaro.

95% (15 reviews)
Porini Amboseli Camp

Porini Amboseli Camp

Porini Amboseli is a small and homely community-staffed eco-camp located in the Selankay Conservancy.

93% (11 reviews)
Selenkay Adventure Camp

Selenkay Adventure

Selenkay Adventure Camp is the dome-tent satellite camp of Porini Amboseli Camp, located in the Maasai-owned Selenkay Conservancy, one of the oldest community wildlife conservancies in Kenya.

100% (4 reviews)
Campi ya Kanzi

Campi ya Kanzi

Campi ya Kanzi is a very well integrated, eco-friendly bush lodge and tented camp on the slopes of the Chyulu Hills in its own, 1000-square-kilometre Maasai conservancy.

90% (4 reviews)
Satao Elerai

Satao Elerai

The closest camp in Kenya to Mount Kilimanjaro, Satao Elerai is located in its own, private conservancy, the Elerai Conservation Area, just outside Amboseli National Park.

80% (2 reviews)
Tawi Lodge

Tawi Lodge

Tawi Lodge is modern, luxury safari lodge on a private wildlife conservancy in the Amboseli ecosystem in southern Kenya.

100% (1 review)
Ol Donyo Lodge

Ol Donyo Lodge

Ol Donyo is a luxurious and innovative designer safari lodge with magnificent views and excellent walking, riding and wildlife country in its own private conservancy.

100% (1 review)

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