KaingU Lodge

KaingU Lodge

6 Meru-style tents
Traveller's rating
Excellent (95%) From 8 reviews
1 March - 1 Jan

Historically the south of Kafue has been considered the poor relation of the north, but in the last few years KaingU Lodge has gradually started to change opinions on this. This owner-run lodge is set in a stunning location next to the Kafue River, and offers a variety of activities, making the most of the natural surroundings.

Our view of KaingU Lodge

KaingU is an excellent little lodge, with a focus on environmental preservation where comfort, combined with traditional design, has been executed with impressive attention to detail. The amount of wildlife in the area may not be enough for most people to visit KaingU by itself, but the river and the walking here are truly stunning from a landscape perspective. We think that combining KaingU with one of Kafue’s camps in the north will give you the best of both worlds, and a great chance to properly explore this diverse national park.

KaingU Lodge: Traveller ratings

Excellent(95%) From 8 travellers

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