Elephant Art Experience

Elephant Art Experience

The Elephant Camp works closely with the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust to run the Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary, an organisation that takes in elephants that have been orphaned through human actions and can’t be reintroduced back into the wild. The elephants are cared for by staff who have been trained by Kansas City Zoo, and through use of positive reinforcement methods have been trained to interact with guests.

As the elephants are so habituated to human presence, they make perfect models for painting workshops run by The Elephant Camp.

Each workshop starts with an introductory presentation on the history of the sanctuary, giving you a chance to talk to the guides and discover the history behind each of the elephants you will be painting, finding out how each individual came to be in the sanctuary’s care.

After this introduction you will be led down to a waterhole, where your easel and blank canvas will have been set up under the shade of a huge mopane tree. A private tutor will then be able to instruct you on how best to use your paints and brushes to capture the landscape and the elephants in front of you.

You will then round off your experience with a buffet lunch, a cold drink, and a chance to sit back and admire your artistic endeavours.

Direct interaction with wild animals for the purpose of tourism is rightly coming under increased scrutiny, and we have carefully considered the ethical implications of this art experience. Based on our visits to The Elephant Camp we are very happy with the professionalism and methods used by the camp staff when dealing with the elephants, and believe that this experience is an ethical way for The Elephant Camp to raise the funds necessary to fulfil their long-term obligation to care for elephants that cannot be reintroduced to the wild.

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