Helicopter Flight - Zimbabwe

Helicopter Flight - Zimbabwe

Flying over the Victoria Falls is an incredible experience that allows you to take in the full scale and majesty of one of the world’s most famous waterfalls. Helicopter flights depart from the helipad just outside the town of Victoria Falls, with several different flight options available:

Flight of Angels

Named after David Livingstone’s famous diary entry describing views of the Victoria Falls as ‘ scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in flight’, this shorter trip focuses on taking in views of the falls themselves. After taking off the pilot will fly both left and right hand circuits in front of and over the falls, ensuring all passengers have the best viewing, photographic, and filming opportunities possible. The flight lasts 12-13 minutes, with transfers to and from the lodge included.

Zambezi Spectacular

This longer trip includes the same initial flight over the falls, but then heads downstream, taking in the stunning geology of the Batoka Gorge, where the Zambezi River has carved a huge scar into the landscape. Circling around, the pilot will then take you over the meandering sections of the Zambezi River above the falls, and over the Zambezi National Park, giving you an eagle eye view of elephants, hippo, crocodile, buffalo and many other species. In total this flight lasts approximately 25 minutes.

Charter Flights

Private helicopter charters are available in the Victoria Falls area, allowing you to have a more personal experience of the flights above or design your own unique trip, such as flying to a romantic picnic destination on the Zambezi River, or being picked out of the Batoka Gorge at the end of a rafting trip. Or you can charter a flight from Victoria Falls Airport in order to arrive at your lodge in style.

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