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Pemba Beach Hotel

Pemba Beach Hotel

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On a quiet side of the town, a short drive from the airport, is the convenient and surprisingly good Pemba Beach Hotel . If ...More about Pemba Beach Hotel

Average  60%
(3 reviews)

How to comment such a place: a big hotel almost empty, full of potential and possible high rank activities which is spoilt by an appaling management. Some examples: we had ... reviews...

Guludo Beach Lodge

Guludo Beach Lodge

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Guludo Beach Lodge is a fascinating lodge, located on a stunning stretch of coastline in northern Mozambique. It is simple in ...More about Guludo Beach Lodge

Excellent  100%
(2 reviews)

Great spot to relax on the Indian Ocean - The resort could only need a few more water based activities like seakayaking. I would give it a 9 out of 10 reviews...