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Sonop: Information from the owner

General information

No. of rooms
Check-in time
15:00 hrs
Check-out time
11:00 hrs

About this information

All the information on this page is supplied to us directly from the lodge owner and reflects their view, not ours.

For Expert Africa's view, see our own full report on Sonop, which contains our own observations and views.

Last updated by Owner
12 Sep 2023
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Facilities at Sonop

Property facilities
24-hour Security, Bar, Barbeque Facilities, Communal Dining, Eco Friendly, Gym, Internet Access (Complimentary), Laundry Service (Available), Malaria Free, Pool, Private Vehicle Available, Restaurant, Secure Parking, Spa
Room facilities
Air Conditioning, Bath, Complimentary Wi-Fi, Dressing Gowns, En-Suite, Hair Dryer, Heater, Internet Access (Complimentary), Safe, Shower, Tea / Coffee
Activities on site
Cycling, Fine Dining, Gourmet Picnic, High Tea, Horse Riding, Horse-back Safaris, Massages, Scenic Flights, Walks (Guided), Walks (Self Guided)
Nearby activities
Helicopter Scenic Flights, Hot-air Ballooning, Scenic Flights
Afrikaans, English

Room types at Sonop

1-Bedroom Tent

The comfortable and solidly built 1-Bedroom tents feature an interior of 42 sqm. All tents offer several roll-up canvas openings with panoramic views and a large bedroom. The en-suite bathroom offers a large bathtub combined with a rain shower and double vanity. The bedroom features a four-poster bed with king-size mattress, a distinct living area with comfortable armchairs, a desk and a telescope to view the distant surroundings. Every tent at Sonop is equipped with free Wi-Fi, a Nespresso machine, kettle, safe, air conditioning system, heating and a docking station. The lodge’s energy supply relies entirely on solar panels. Maximum occupancy is 2 adults and 1 child (6-12 years). For safety reasons Sonop does not welcome children under 6 years old.

2-Bedroom Tent

Our 2-Bedroom Tents offer 2 separate bedrooms each with its own en-suite bathroom, and a shared living room. The interior measures 75 sqm. All tents offer several roll-up canvas openings with panoramic views and a large bedroom. The en-suite bathrooms offers a large bathtubs combined with a rain showers and double vanity. The bedrooms features four-poster beds with king-size mattresses, distinct living areas with comfortable armchairs, a desk and a telescope to view the distant surroundings. Every tent at Sonop is equipped with free Wi-Fi, a Nespresso machine, kettle, safe, air conditioning system, heating and a docking station. Maximum occupancy is 4 adults and 2 children (6-12 years). For safety reasons Sonop does not welcome children under 6 years old.

Guide/Pilot Room

Sonop has 1 guide/ pilot room located in the staff village

Activities at Sonop

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Breakfast atop the Sonop Dune

This private excursion takes place from 7am -
depart camp with your guide on an informative journey following a desert track, hemmed between an ancient riverbed on the left and a long red-sand yellow-grass dune on your right. After watching the micro life shake themselves awake with the warming sun, your guide will stop the vehicle and show you the way as you ascend the dune to the top. Turn a full sweep at the apex of the dune in awe, as you drink in an elevated and unimpeded 360° panoramic view of the desert plains, dune and mountains beyond.

Your personal Chef awaits to prepare a range of fare, ‘à la minute’, that would befit an aristocratic luxury 1920 safari. No breakfast of this nature would be complete without freshly squeezed orange juice and a bottle of desert-dry Brut Champagne. A uniquely desert gastronomic experience.

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Dinner atop the Sonop Dune

This private excursion takes place from 8pm -

Romance, drama, intimacy, imagination and grandeur are all emotions that you will experience in large doses during your privately curated dinner. Carefully chosen in site to allow for complete discretion and privacy, so that apart from the period setting paraffin hurricane lanterns hanging from the ancient branches of the Acacia Eriloba to the side of you and the candelabra on the table, no other human-created light can be observed. The immense Galaxy above you sets the dramatic stage in its incredible intensity, from which your grand style safari table takes its lead. Tastefully adorned with all that you would expect whilst on an extended luxury safari during the early twentieth century. After being comfortably seated by a white-gloved waiter, served water and the wine of your choice (pre-selected and prepared to perfection) your private Chef takes you on an epicurean journey: four courses, inspired by the menu one would expect on an aristocratic African safari.

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Electric fat bikes

Depart Zannier Hotels Sonop at any time of your choosing. Fill your water bottle at one of our hydration refill stations (one is located near the e-bike shelter), read our simple, easy to follow e-bike operating instructions, points of advice in the shelter and you are ready to depart, following one of our clearly marked (Sonop) cycling and walking trail routes. Choose the White easy-peasy route… or choose the
Orange medium exertion level route.

Like normal cycling, just the return is so much greater. Cycling with a turbo attached. We have selected several routes that will lead you outward alongside our fabulous red dune and return you back down the ancient river-course, if you have selected the White Route. Alternatively take the more strenuous, longer and technical Orange Route and return ridge-side bordering the NamibRand Nature Reserve.

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Group Yoga

Enhance both your physical and mental strength and flexibility with our group yoga session. Follow the lead of our specialised yoga instructor and relief your anxiety or tensions. Routines are designed with the novice in mind, to ensure broad base participation and appeal. Connect with your inner-state as you move through several poses, feeling the light, warmth and freedom of the desert become synonymous with your being.

This forty-five minute Group Yoga Activity will be held on demand, usually near the pool either before the breaking of the new day at sunrise or at the end of the afternoon at sunset.

Helicopter Tours

Experience the wild and scenic Namibian beauty by air. Go across the thousands of miles of no man’s land and explore Namibia differently, up to 10,000 feet. A unique opportunity to admire the pristine ecosystem from above, and to realize your dreams of soaring like a Golden Eagle over deserts, bushes, mountains, rivers and backcountry.

Several routes & durations are available as follows:
• Sonop – Omaanda or Omaanda – Sonop (4,5 hours from base)
• Sonop – Deadvlei – Sonop (2,5 hours)
• Sonop – Lüderitz – Sonop (3,5 hours)
• Sonop – Coastal Trip over Dunebelt – Sonop (3,5 hours)
• Sonop – Fish River Canyon – Sonop (5,5 hours)
• Sonop – Fish River Canyon – Lüderitz - Sonop (6 hours)
• Sonop – Swakopmund – Sonop (6 hours)
• Sonop – Dune picnic – Sonop (2,5 hours)

Horse riding

Your horse, carefully chosen for its even temperament and suitability to the terrain, expertly led by your horse guide, take you from our state of the art stables on one of our bespoke trails. Ascend the ridge of a red sand dune and walk its ridge, feeling the cool breeze in your face whilst you become one within the grand desert vista. Pause in wonder as the light and sun changes the patterns and colours of the plain below. Disembark your horse as your guide prepares and hands you a steaming cup of freshly-filtered single-origin aromatic African coffee, which helps you find your centre within this place, the most ancient desert in the World.

Having refreshed both body and soul remount and follow your guide descending the dune, homeward bound into the ancient river course, interspersed with desert hardened ancient Acacia
Erilobas, some festooned with the World’s largest avian dwellings – the communal nests of the sociable weavers.

If you are not yet an experienced horse rider, private horse riding lessons are possible
at Zannier Hotels Sonop.

Hot Air Balloon Safari

Wake-up call at quarter to four in the morning, for a departure at four fifteen, sharp. Glide effortlessly over the desert tracks and roads, cocooned in oversized leather seats within the Sonop luxury full-size 4WD. Be enveloped by a carefully curated classical playlist on the premium quality multi-speaker sound system. After a peaceful journey in superlative luxury arrive at the balloon launch site, where you meet your pilot who briefs you on the safety aspects pertaining to your flight. Feel your excitement mount as you climb up and into the sturdy basket, which you share with seven other chosen ones and your pilot.

Capturing magnificent photographic memories are the order of the day and you would do well to ensure you are well prepared. After being airborne for a full forty five life-changing minutes, your pilot will prepare everyone for the landing. After safely coming to a stop, disembark taking additional photos then walk a short distance to a long communal table where the tastiest full-English breakfast and ice-cold champagne will be served. After breakfast and receiving your Certificate of Flight, embark on your camp-bound journey within the exclusive Sonop luxury full-size 4WD.

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Nature drives

Twice daily, a non-private morning and afternoon nature drive are included in the all-inclusive rate. This desert safari is all about the subtleties and wonder that surround us; witness the transformation of light and shadow within everything your eyes rest upon; witness the stirring and activity which the new day brings to the many sociable weaver colonies in and around their seemingly chaotic jumbled hay-stack nests; witness the prehistoric-looking quiver trees, silhouetted against the bluest of morning skies. Listen as your expert guide unravels the intricate and fascinating stories, as he reveals the wondrous tapestry of life that this ecosystem supports.

Our guides will invite and entice you out of the vehicle to walk with them as they reveal to you the life of the beetles and insects or show you some long-forgotten cave within a chaotic jumble of granite boulders, littered with the tools and life-supporting implements left behind for our wonder by the ancient San Bushmen.

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Out-door cinema

Be transported back to the timeless age of outdoor cinematography whilst you experience a classic movie, carefully selected masterpieces chosen for one purpose: to enthral you. Some in monochromatic, some in vivid technicolour, all wonderful. Facing the desert immensity, by the pool, enjoy the beauty of outdoor cinema on a large screen (4,5 meters wide). State of the art HD image and surround sound by Bose. Relax, settle down, be transported into a world of desert fantasy, with a box
of homemade hot popcorn (salted, buttered or caramelized) and maybe your favourite bottle of beer, all the while within a setting never to be forgotten.

Note that movies can be seen in multiple languages, with or without subtitles. This excursion is included in the all-inclusive rate

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Sossusvlei Exclusive Safari

Departing camp at four thirty in the morning, to arrive at the oldest and largest sand dunes on earth within the “golden time” just after sunrise, makes the inconvenience of the early start a distant memory. As you effortlessly glide, cosseted in your leather and high-quality burled coachwork sound-attenuated interior of Sonop’s exclusive luxury full-size 4WD, you have precious time to allow your thoughts, dreams and mind to wander over and within the spectacular desert landscape.

You enter the Namib Naukluft Park, home to both Sossusvlei and Deadvlei. Your breath is sure to catch as you become immersed in the beauty and enormity of the rich-red dunes, with the younger and lighter taupe-yellow coloured sand merging from their base on either side of the road.

After ensuring that you have sufficient hydration, sun protection and your essential camera plus extra batteries and storage, you don your backpack or sling and walking with your guide you begin your pilgrimage up the snaking razorback. Slow steady small strides are the order of the day. After recovery and sufficient time to pay your respects to your place within this extraordinary place, you descend the back of the dune.

After a short while exploring your immediate surrounds and maybe capturing the moment on your camera, your Chef invites to you to sit and replenish your now growing appetite. A setting, an adventure, an experience such as this deserves to be celebrated and so an iced glass or two of Champagne adds its weight to the event.

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At a charge, this is a shared experience that takes place on the main deck. In arguably the darkest sky on our planet, you are naturally transported alongside and amongst the trillions of awe-inspiring celestial bodies. Surrounded by a swathe of a myriad stars and the Milky Way - so clear, so defined and so immense, you find few words to describe your first evening at Sonop and the experience of the
night sky above you.

Zannier Hotels Sonop, located in the NamibRand Nature Reserve is actually in one of just 16 designated International Dark Sky Reserves in the World.

Walking Trails

Discover the delicate life-pulse of the desert through the sole of your boot. Your expert guide will demonstrate our many wonderful highlights, some obvious and others less so, educating you as to the many fascinating facets which make up the web of life which surrounds us at Zannier Hotels Sonop. Observe the geology and topography transition from one zone to the next, bringing with
them their associated ecosystems.

Guided walking trails of a two-hour duration can be arranged for the cooler times of the day, in both the early morning or late afternoon. This excursion is included in the all-inclusive rate.

Other lodges in Namib-Naukluft National Park

Alternative places to stay in this same area.

Kulala Desert Lodge

Kulala Desert Lodge

The comfortable Kulala Desert Lodge offers fantastic views of the Namib and a private gate to the Namib-Naukluft Park - a bonus on guided excursions.

92% (353 reviews)
Hoodia Desert Lodge

Hoodia Desert Lodge

The owner-run Hoodia Desert Lodge offers a high standard of accommodation, delicious food and excellent service in a stunning, peaceful setting just 22km from Sesriem.

97% (207 reviews)
BullsPort Lodge and Farm

BullsPort Lodge & Farm

A traditional Namibian farm, BullsPort offers warm hospitality and a genuine rural experience, with excellent hiking and horseriding.

89% (193 reviews)
Sossus Dune Lodge

Sossus Dune Lodge

One of only two properties inside the Namib Naukluft Park, Sossus Dune Lodge has a superb location, for visiting the dunes.

89% (139 reviews)
Desert Homestead

Desert Homestead

With great-value accommodation in a lovely setting, Desert Homestead is a great base for exploring Sossusvlei.

91% (105 reviews)
Zebra River Lodge

Zebra River Lodge

Zebra River Lodge offers a range of hikes around the Tsaris Mountains from a comfortable and homely base.

91% (94 reviews)
Little Kulala

Little Kulala

A high-end lodge with spectacular views, Little Kulala, makes a great base for visits to Sossusvlei or a balloon ride over the Desert.

98% (73 reviews)
Rostock Ritz

Rostock Ritz

The igloo-style chalets at Rostock Ritz offer exceptional desert views and make a convenient stopover between Swakopmund & Sossusvlei.

90% (44 reviews)
Barkhan Dune Retreat

Barkhan Dune Retreat

Barkhan Dune Retreat is a welcoming lodge close to the impressive Spreetshoogte Pass, majors on hiking and relaxation.

94% (40 reviews)
Sossusvlei Lodge

Sossusvlei Lodge

Sossusvlei Lodge is one of the larger options in this area. However, it occupies a convenient location next to the Sesriem gate into the Namib-Naukluft Park.

92% (34 reviews)
Namib Outpost

Namib Outpost

About 30km from the gate to Sossusveli, Namib Outpost is a great base for exploring the dunes and surrounding attractions.

97% (20 reviews)
Dead Valley Lodge

Dead Valley Lodge

Dead Valley Lodge is inside the Namib-Naukluft National Park, affording guests almost unprecedented access to the dunes.

88% (18 reviews)
Desert Camp

Desert Camp

Desert Camp is an economical option for independent travellers who want to self-cater, and is well situated for access to Sossusvlei.

93% (15 reviews)
Desert Quiver Camp

Desert Quiver Camp

Desert Quiver Camp is an economical option self-catering, well located for access to Sossusvlei.

98% (10 reviews)
Elegant Desert Lodge

Elegant Desert Lodge

Elegant Desert Lodge can be used as a base to visit Sossusvlei. It offers comfortable accommodation and facilities in the desert.

74% (7 reviews)
Corona Guest Farm

Corona Guest Farm

In central Namibia, north-east of the Namib-Naukluft, Corona Guest Farm offers a traditional farm stay and rugged hiking.

97% (7 reviews)
Namib Desert Lodge

Namib Desert Lodge

Namib Desert Lodge is a good budget option in the Namib-Naukluft although, it is further from Sossusvlei than we'd typically suggest.

100% (3 reviews)
Namib Naukluft Lodge

Namib Naukluft Lodge

Namib Naukluft Lodge offers clean, comfortable rooms with pretty views, although it's 60km from the Sesriem Gate into the Namib-Naukluft Park.

80% (3 reviews)
Camp Sossus

Camp Sossus

Camp Sossus is a offers top notch guiding in a remote wilderness area of the Naukluft Mountains with easy access to the famous dunes of Sossusvlei.

100% (2 reviews)
Le Mirage Lodge

Le Mirage Lodge

Le Mirage Resort and Spa offers accommodation and a range of massage and beauty treatments in a Moroccan-style building in the desert.

80% (2 reviews)
Solitaire Country Lodge

Solitaire Country Lodge

Solitaire Country Lodge is a good stop-off on the way to Sossusvlei and can be used as a base to explore the Naukluft Mountains.

70% (2 reviews)
Desert Hills Glamping Camp

Desert Hills Camp

Conveniently located for the renowned dunes of Sossusvlei Desert Hills Glamping Camp offers a simple but comfortable tents in picturesque surroundings.

90% (2 reviews)
Desert Grace

Desert Grace

A stylish offering giving access to the famous dunes in the Namib-Naukluft National Park as well as to activities on a private nature reserve.

100% (1 review)
The Nest at Sossus

The Nest

Designed to emulate the appearance of a sociable weaver nest the opulent Nest at Sossus is arguably the most exclusive private property in the Sossuvlei area.

No reviews yet

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