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NamibRand Nature Reserve
NamibRand Nature Reserve
NamibRand Nature Reserve
NamibRand Nature Reserve
NamibRand Nature Reserve
NamibRand Nature Reserve
NamibRand Nature Reserve
NamibRand Nature Reserve
NamibRand Nature Reserve
NamibRand Nature Reserve
NamibRand Nature Reserve

fly-ins are the ultimate way to experience Namibia

from vegetated dunes to fairy circles


weaver birds are nature's architects

golden grassy plains

tok-tokkie beetle is one of the desert adapted species.

dancing - shovel snounted lizard

the Namib Rand Reserve is made up of varying landscapes

from red sand dunes, to gravel plains and mountains

be astonished at the empty vastness

take in the gorgeous views bathed in the soft afternoon light

NamibRand Nature Reserve

Reviews of safaris to NamibRand Nature Reserve

210 holiday reviews from our travellers of holidays which include NamibRand.

Showing 1-10 of 210
Arrival date
Mr & Mrs O
N Ireland

"My Apr 2022 Namibia trip"

I visited Namibia between 25 Apr 2022 and 10 May 2022
"We booked this trip in late 2019 and it was postponed twice.

Claire kept us informed, and kept up our hopes that trip would actually happen.
Our trust in Claire and Expert Africa was justified, and we had a wonderful trip. We are so glad we didn’t miss it!

We particularly liked the amazing landscapes in Namibia, and the contact we had with the local people at the lodges." Read full review: 15 nights in Africa; 15 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
New Hampshire

"My Apr 2022 trip"

I visited Namibia between 3 Apr 2022 and 18 Apr 2022
"Sabina helped plan a great itinerary.

We loved every place we went and stayed, and the logistics worked seamlessly.

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:

No, it was a great trip with no glitches." Read full review: 15 nights in Africa; 15 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Ms M

"My Mar 2022 trip"

I visited Namibia between 25 Mar 2022 and 15 Apr 2022
"Our trip was very well organised. We had to shift it twice due to Covid and were only able to travel two years later than planned.

It had rained in February, which made the desert bloom, but also meant some animals had anything options to drink and were not necessarly at the waterholes.

We saw more animals than listed linked to the lodges, since we visited Etosha and saw lions there e.g. Also saw animals along the road while driving outside parks. Saw many special birds. Everything was pleasant and beautiful. Very relaxing.

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:

No everything was perfect. Staff with an open ear for questions and a lot of empathy.

Highly recommended." Read full review: 21 nights in Africa; 21 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Mr & Ms B
Florida, US

"Our Mar-Apr 2022 trip to Namibia and Botswana"

I visited Namibia and 1 other country between 9 Mar 2022 and 13 Apr 2022
"This has been our fifth trip to Southern Africa and the second that we booked with expertafrica. We spent three weeks self-driving in Namibia and then roughly two weeks on a fly-in safari in northern Botswana. Compared to our 2021 trip, this one featured much more landscape (as can be expected of Namibia) and more interactions with humans. That’s not to say that we didn’t see any less wildlife than on previous trips.

I would like to also emphasize that this trip was the first time that we visited this region at the end of the southern summer, i.e. at the very end of the rain season. Previously we had traveled here only in October (3 times) or July (once). We were pleasantly surprised by all the greenery, and we weren’t bothered by mosquitoes in any significant way. However, I should point out that my wife was often bitten by midges, whereas I wasn’t.

Virtually all guidebooks point out that the dry season is the best time to visit Africa in order to get the best wildlife sightings. I readily admit that the tall grass sometimes impedes tracking down predators, however, as my review of the camps in Botswana shows, we were not really short-changed of lion and cheetah sightings. Overall, except perhaps for leopards (only 2 encounters in 5 weeks) the wildlife sightings were as good as in the dry season, and in some aspects they were even better: To us, the animals appeared to be more relaxed or at least less stressed, due to the availability of food and water.

Everybody we talked to said that the region had a good rainy season. However, during our whole stay, we only had one brief shower (during siesta time in Etosha Heights) and one morning game drive in Nxai Pan, during which we had to wear rain gear and protect our cameras.

All ten safari camps are, in our minds, highly recommendable. And, as it turned out repeatedly, we saved the best (Kwara Camp) for last. This is not in any way to diminish the experiences we had at other camps. They all had their special appeal. However, if asked which are the places we are most likely to revisit again, they are Okonjima, NamibRand, Tau Pan and Kwara Camps.

I would like to add a comment about the flights to the various camps in Botswana. All of them took place on time and, most importantly, got us safely from point A to point B. However, I don’t quite understand why the departure times are only given to us the day before. I understand that for the airlines it can be challenging to come up with an economic way of handling these flights, but isn’t it true that virtually all of these trips are booked months in advance? For instance, on our way from Maun to Kwara Camp, we stopped in Xaranna and then Shinde Camps, whereas on our way back to Maun, it was a direct flight of 25 minutes.

Finally, a comment about Covid-19. Entry requirements with regards to corona changed during our trip: While we had to produce a negative PCR test for our first destination Namibia (to the tune of $250 per person) they lifted that requirement one week after we arrived, and Botswana lifted its requirement for the test before we crossed into Botswana. So did South Africa. The US, on the other hand, still requires a negative PCR test, so we did that in Maun one day before our departure back home. However, no one asked us to produce the paperwork!

I would also like to commend the way the camps in Zimbabwe last year handled the seating arrangements during the meals. They provided separate tables for each party rather than having everybody sit together at one or two tables along with the guides. I sense that this is a delicate issue and that it’s really up to company policy and not expertafrica to decide what’s best. With regards to guests sitting together I much prefer the separate tables arrangement, because in our five trips to Africa so far, our experience has been that the vast majority of conversations one has at these occasions amount to not much more than small talk: Where have you been, and where are going from here? Of course, there are exceptions. For instance, we got to know one couple from Switzerland and, on another trip, a couple from the UK that we really liked to talk to, and then we simply asked the camp staff to set up a table for four instead of two.

And with regards to the guides sharing the dinner: Of course, they deserve to have a gourmet dinner just like the guests, but I would say, they can have it in the quiet of the staff quarters, because in my mind, they deserve a well-earned break because they work hard enough already as it is. Again, in our experience, we had virtually all of the stimulating and significant conversations with them during the game drives, the coffee break and the sundowners, but not during dinner time." Read full review: 35 nights in Africa; 20 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Mr P
New Jersey

"My Sep 2021 trip"

I visited Namibia and 1 other country between 28 Sep 2021 and 18 Oct 2021
"It was remarkably better than I had even hoped. A trip we won't soon forget.

The Covid-19 restrictions were unpleasant but once we departed Airworld we were fine.

My one concern is the cost, which makes this hard to recommend to most of my relatives though I have friends who could afford it." Read full review: 20 nights in Africa; 15 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip

"Namibia Aug/Sept 2021 trip"

I visited Namibia between 19 Aug 2021 and 7 Sep 2021
"We enjoyed Namibia, especially during Covid times when there are so few people.

One lodge, Ai Aiba was disappointing and felt “low end”- our travel consultant should have suggested a different place.

The other issue was with Etendeka and Tok Tokkie: my wife and I found the description quite misleading: there is nothing Luxury about Tok Tokkie, and it should have been presented as a camping trip with no tent. I believe that Etendeka is similar. Expert Africa should have made it very clear that conditions are very basic and that it can get freezing cold, windy and sandy at night and the bed is a very basic foldable one, and this was not conveyed to us clearly. While Mandulea was also not luxurious, it did have some basic comforts like light, real bed, shower and toilettes which worked well for us.

On the positive side, Onguma and Hoodia exceeded our expectations and were superb." Read full review: 19 nights in Africa; 15 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Mr & Mrs P
New Jersey

"My Apr 2021 trip"

I visited Namibia between 14 Apr 2021 and 30 Apr 2021
"We had an excellent trip to Namibia with the assistance of Expert Africa.

We were fortunate to time our trip right in the middle of COVID waves and found Namibia to be operating largely as normal. Cities such as Swakop were quite strict on safety protocols. The remote camps were a bit more lax. But we found a self drive as a great way to vacation during the pandemic and were lucky to have many of the camps to ourselves with a full staff serving us.

Many thanks to Maruska for her excellent recommendations and her flexibility in dealing with passport issues - she truly went above and beyond. The highlight of our trip was the drive from Swakop up to Damaraland and through the Skeleton Coast park.

Self driving is an absolute must in Namibia!" Read full review: 16 nights in Africa; 13 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Mr M
coalpit heath,

"Nov 2019 trip"

I visited Namibia between 2 Nov 2019 and 8 Nov 2019
"We both had a wonderful time.

Expert Africa were good from the time of initial contact to the completion of the trip. All went very smoothly and left us able to relax and enjoy ourselves.Which we certainly did.

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:

Keep going as you are. Happy to return for our next trip." Read full review: 6 nights in Africa; 6 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip

"Good introduction to Namibia"

I visited Namibia between 4 Oct 2019 and 29 Oct 2019
"We had an excellent trip. But, like a previous reviewer, we would have enjoyed it more with a better vehicle. EA recommend a Renault Duster as being 4-wheel drive and adequate for the Namibian roads. While 4-wheel drive is occasionally useful, the Duster has standard tyres and in some places more rubber is definitely needed. The roads round Sesriem and in Damaraland are considerably worse than in other parts we visited and we would recommend anyone visiting these areas to pick a Toyota hi-lux. See our comments on Bidvest for more details.

Our second disappointment was the amount of electric light we experienced. Nearly every lodge had path lights which stayed on all night, ruining the view of the sky, and in some cases our sleep. We were used to little light and Tilley lamps on previous visits to Africa and this came as a shock. Tok Tokkie and Mundulea were a relief from this. In some places the lights were behind the tent/room but at Erongo we had to resort to removing lightbulbs from the path outside to allow us to sleep. At Ongava, the waterhole light shone directly into our room. We are very saddened that lodges feel this amount of light is necessary.

EA often states that when on half board “drinks are extra”. Most of the lodges we stayed on half board included 2 large glasses of house wine per person each night. Sundowners were extra.

We stayed at 3 Wilderness Safaris lodges and got to know their dining style. Everywhere else game was often the meat provided, at Wilderness it was regularly basic beef, pork or chicken which was quite uninteresting. They also had an obsession with hot plates, which at 30C seemed unnecessary.

It was very nice to receive a recent copy of the Namibia guidebook in August. This was hardly opened before our trip and still fell apart before we got to Etosha. A large number of pages fell out somewhere which meant that we didn't have the information about Etosha that we wanted. We also had with us a 30 year old bird book with all its pages intact. It's a shame Bradt can't make their books a little more robust.

We were told that using toilets at petrol stations could not be recommended. We carefully took a trowel and a roll of paper with us. This was completely unnecessary as every toilet we visited was spotless." Read full review: 25 nights in Africa; 20 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Mr K
Channel Islands

"The Namibian Engagement"

I visited Namibia between 15 Sep 2019 and 6 Oct 2019
"I had planned our engagement in Dead Vlei in great detail and even ending up in the wrong pan and there being no sunrise (fog) couldn't detract from it being an amazing location, possibly my favourite and a truly amazing country. I wanted to show Agita what all the fuss was about and Namibia didn't fail to deliver once again.

Thank goodness she said yes as we still had 14 days to spend in a car together - could have been a bit embarrassing

I would like to thank the EA team with special thanks to Megan (who sorted out a few wrinkles during the trip) for all their support and also the Wilderness team for getting our luggage to us at Wolvedans which is greatly appreciated, as we were starting to small by day four.

Suggestions to help us improve our trips or our service:

It is difficult to call anything perfect, but you are getting very very close." Read full review: 21 nights in Africa; 19 on a Namibia trip
Overall trip
Showing 1-10 of 210
210 reviews of NamibRand by travellers since August 2007
Overall rating by our travellers
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Where to stay in NamibRand

Our suggestions for safari camps in NamibRand Nature Reserve

Wolwedans Desert Lodge

Wolwedans Desert Lodge

Wolwedans Desert Lodge is a beautiful camp in a stunning setting on the NamibRand Reserve. Stay here for a luxurious escape into the wilderness.

95% (80 reviews)
Wolwedans Dune Camp

Wolwedans Dune Camp

Small and intimate with excellent service and great guiding, Wolwedans Dune Camp is a luxurious escape in a beautiful location.

98% (59 reviews)
Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Sossusvlei Desert Lodge is located on the NamibRand Reserve and offers a range of activities as well as high levels of comfort and service.

99% (37 reviews)
Tok Tokkie Trails

Tok Tokkie Trails

Escape the car and explore the spectacular Namib Desert on foot with an expert guide from Tok Tokkie Trails.

99% (35 reviews)
Wolwedans Boulders Camp

Wolwedans Boulders

Hidden away in a remote corner of the NamibRand enjoy good food and attentive service at the exclusive Wolwedans Boulders Camp.

97% (7 reviews)
Kwessi Dunes

Kwessi Dunes

Kwessi Dune Lodge is a new property in the NamibRand Nature reserve promising to offer a luxurious stay in the wonderfully remote NamibRand Reserve.

100% (1 review)
Wolwedans Plains Camp

Wolwedans Plains Camp

With just three bedrooms, private chef and private guide, Wolwedans Plains Camp offers for peace and seclusion in a stunning setting.

100% (1 review)

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