Photography holidays in Zambia

Photography holidays in Zambia

Few of our ideas for photography holidays in Africa are led by professional photographers, but we do have a few such trips in Zambia. In addition, we can organise great safaris led by a guide who is a semi-pro photographer, plus trips using game hides for excellent vantage points.

The truth is that most safaris in Zambia will turn into wildlife photography holidays if you're keen - as the wildlife and scenery lend themselves to this so well. Here the camps' activities usually include walking safaris or game drives - the latter taken in open-sided and often open-topped 4WD game vehicles with excellent all-round visibility. Guides are good, and most understand photographer's needs; ask us for help as we can guide you to the best.

Walking safaris in Zambia give a slower pace, and probably less big game shots, but they do give the opportunity to focus on the smaller animals, the tracks and the vegetation, which can all be interesting for a skilled photographer.

Several of the camps offer game hides. Here you can set up your tripod and long-lens kit and in the hope of some of your best wildlife pictures.

Our favourite places for photography holidays in Zambia