Chongwe River Camp

Chongwe River Camp

8 tents and 2 suites
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Excellent (95%) From 81 reviews
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1 Apr to 15 Nov

Chongwe River Camp is located at the confluence of the Zambezi River and its tributary, the Chongwe River, which forms the western boundary of the Lower Zambezi National Park. It lies in a game management area that reaches a further 80km west along the Zambezi – so while it is outside the (unfenced) park boundary, it is still in a very productive wildlife area. The slopes of the escarpment provide a picturesque backdrop to the camp, which stands under the cool, shady canopy of a tall grove of winterthorn threes.

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Chongwe is a great camp with a stunning location. Despite being just outside of the park there is often large amounts of wildlife next to, and sometimes inside of, the camp. Due to its location it can take a bit longer to get to the best wildlife areas within the park, but this is well reflected in the camps price. Chongwe is a very good value camp – especially when compared to camps within the Lower Zambezi National Park itself.

Rooms at Chongwe River Camp

Albida Suite | Cassia Suite

Chongwe River Camp: Traveller ratings

Excellent(95%) From 81 travellers

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