Birdwatching in Zimbabwe

The best camps and lodges for birdwatching in Zimbabwe

Whilst Zimbabwe doesn't have any endemics, it's still great for bird watching. A Zimbabwe holiday which focuses on birdwatching would be best during the rains (Oct - March) - as then food is plentiful, migrants are around and many species are in breeding plumage. Specialities include the rare Angola pitta (or 'African Pitta') and the Taita Falcon.

There have been over 650 bird species recorded in Zimbabwe, and eight of the ten families endemic to the African mainland are represented here.

Some key destinations for birdwatching in Zimbabwe include the dry Kalahari environment of Hwange National Park, the lush rainforests localised in the tiny Victoria Falls National Park, and the rocky shores of Lake Kariba. Meanwhile Mana Pools National Park may be renowned for its walking safaris, but it's well worth a visit for its birdlife which varies from massive goliath herons to the tiny, iridescent Shelley's sunbird.

Our 8 favourite places for birdwatching in Zimbabwe