Lower Zambezi National Park

Map of Lower Zambezi National Park's safari camps and lodges

This map shows all of the safari camps and lodges which are beside or within the Lower Zambezi National Park. Read more about them by clicking the blue markers, and follow the links in the bubbles to read more details and reviews, or for a closer view.

Things to see on this map of Lower Zambezi National Park

The river running east-to-west is the Zambezi, and this marks the border between Zambia, to the north, and Zimbabwe, to the south.

Along the Zambezi, the safari camps shown here pretty much span the east-west width of the Lower Zambezi National Park. The western boundary of the park is marked by the Chongwe River – a small tributary of the Zambezi – and beside this is a 'cluster' of three blue markers which denote the locations of the three Chongwe properties (Chongwe River Camp, Chongwe River House, and Bushbuck Camp). The eastern boundary of this park lies just to the east of Ana Tree Lodge, the park's most easterly camp.

Thus within the national park, there are only a few camp – and these are fairly widely spaced. All the camps on this map, except for the small Bushbuck Camp (which specialises in walking safaris), lie in the Zambezi's floodplain – and see how close the valley's northern escarpment is to this … and you'll realise what a lovely backdrop the scenery has around here.

Zoom out from this level and you'll clearly see the large, blue curve of Lake Kariba to the west, and the larger, more irregular, outline of Mozambique's Lake Cabora Bassa. Both are man-made lakes, the result of hugs dams built to supply hydro-electricity. Zoom in a lot on the eastern end of each lake to see the narrow dams which hold back such huge amounts of the Zambezi River!

Click onto any of the markers, and follow the links in the bubbles, for more detailed maps of the locations of the various bushcamps and safari lodges.

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