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Mara Bushtops
Mara Bushtops
Mara Bushtops
Mara Bushtops
Mara Bushtops
Mara Bushtops
Mara Bushtops
Mara Bushtops
Mara Bushtops

Mara Bushtops: Information from the owner

General information

Safari Lodge
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About this information

All the information on this page is supplied to us directly from the lodge owner and reflects their view, not ours.

For Expert Africa's view, see our own full report on Mara Bushtops, which contains our own observations and views.

Last updated by Owner
16 Dec 2023
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Facilities at Mara Bushtops

Property facilities
24-hour Security, Bar, Gym, Internet Access, Library, Meal on Request, Mobile Connectivity, Pool, Restaurant, Secure Parking, Spa
Room facilities
Balcony / Deck, Complimentary Wi-Fi, Dressing Gowns, En-Suite, Hair Dryer, Internet, Lounge Area, Outside Shower, Pure Cotton Linen, Safe, Shower, Verandah
Activities on site
Big 5, Bird Watching, Fine Dining, Game Drives, Game Viewing, Game Walks, Gourmet Picnic, High Tea, Massages, Rhino Tracking, Safaris, Walks
Nearby activities
Animal Encounters, Bird Watching, Game Viewing, Wine Tasting

Room types at Mara Bushtops

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Family Tent / Leopards suite

It has two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. By adding an extra children's bed to each bedroom, Leopard can accommodate a family of six. Its sunken lounge is the perfect location for an afternoon siesta, while the hot tub on the deck is perfectly placed to view the salt lick and visiting wildlife. The suite also has a private fire place, wine wall and mini bar.

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Luxury Tent-Suite

We spared no expense turning each of Mara Bushtops' spacious and fabulously appointed luxury tents into a perfect haven of comfort. Each opens on three sides to create a unique view of distant plains and the Siana hills, with nothing to spoil perfect panoramic views. Every tent at Mara Bushtops is bounded by a private wooden deck of more than a hundred square metres. This provides ample room to wander at leisure, sink into a deck lounger, soak in your private hot tub or use the telescope provided to spot distant wildlife.

Activities at Mara Bushtops

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African Spa Village

Our award-winning safari spa at Mara Bushtops takes Wild Luxury to new heights. It adds luxurious pampering, peace and tranquillity to the excitement of game watching, culinary excellence and the comforts of the camp. Use of the spa facilities is included in the price when staying at Mara Bushtops but treatments and massages carry an additional cost.

Within the soothing confines of the safari spa, rejuvenating massages, hydrotherapy and a range of holistic skin and body treatments are complemented by a fitness facility, complete with high-tech cardiovascular and weight training equipment.

A sauna, Rasul steam room (featuring multi-sensory Arabian mud cleansing treatments) and hot tub vie for attention with a solar heated infinity pool – with beds inside the pool complete with water jets! There is also a cold plunge pool to take the edge of the heat. And to wind down, there is the simple glory of our wooden relaxation deck, providing uninterrupted views of the camp’s salt lick and the majestic African bush.

This is where the ‘luxury’ part of our promise to you comes to glorious life. We offer a range of delights, embracing Amani signature spa treatments, luxurious body treatments, sensational journeys, a massage collection, deluxe facials and hand and foot rituals.

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Bushtops Bushcraft Challenge

If you are bringing younger members of the family with you, there's something new and exciting awaiting them at Bushtops. Our Bushcraft Challenge, which is included in the price when staying at Mara Bushtops. This introduces youngsters to basic survival skills, local culture, the importance of conservation and (of course) local flora and fauna.

Activities include learning to make fire without matches or a lighter; completing animal spotting checklists (assisted by our rangers); identifying animal tracks and making a memento plaster cast of their favourites; learning about animal bones; listening to anthropology stories; practicing archery; trying out bead making skills; baking Swahili cookies and more!

Completing the challenge leads to a Bushtops Bushcraft Certificate, authenticating unique skills and a sense of real achievement.

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Drinks around the camp fire with traditional Masai dancing

The camp fire is a great place to have drinks and wind down after a day well spent. You will be treated with a traditional Masai dance for entertainment. The jumping dance is likely what you will be familiar with. In the Masai language this dancing competition is called the "adumu". Though the jumping dance is the most well known, there are plenty of other traditional dances that the Masai perform. This carries no additional cost.

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Full Day Game Drive & Picnic Lunch

During a full-day game drive your ranger will find a nice spot under a tree to set up a picnic lunch. Dining in the middle of nowhere with nobody to disturb you except for the noises of animals nearby also enjoying their lunch is an experience one cannot easily forget. This carries no additional cost.

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Game Drives

Every day in the Masai Mara is different. Each of our game drives is an adventure into the unknown. We recommend staying with us for at least four days (three nights) to ensure you absorb as much game viewing as you can, balanced with relaxation in camp. This activity is included in the price when staying at Mara Bushtops.

We’d love to guarantee you’ll see the big five. We’re confident you will spot lions, buffalo and elephants, often in great numbers. Leopards and rhino can be shy, but we do all in our power to seek them out. The secret is to make sure you take part in at least one early morning game drive, one full day game drive and an evening game drive (a night drive is a bonus!). The knowledge of our rangers and the sharp eyes of Masai spotters will do the rest.

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Hot Air Balloon Safari

It’s an astonishing image: a balloon, framed against the rising sun, overlooking the herds of Masai Mara plains. You could be in that balloon’s basket, creating a memory that will last a lifetime. But you will have to get up early!

If you want to add a balloon safari to your itinerary, it’s best to let us know in advance. This lies outside your stay at Mara Bushtops and bookings are outside our control: the sooner you let us know, the more likely we can confirm availability (and the additional costs involved: you should allow US$450-$500 per person).

Having booked your flight, you will be picked up from Mara Bushtops in the early hours of the morning, ready to take flight as dawn breaks (weather permitting). As you level out over the Bush, you gain a bird’s eye view of the herds and an awe-inspiring panoramic overview of the wide horizons. After about an hour, your experienced pilot brings the balloon safely to earth. You celebrate the amazing experience with a Bush champagne breakfast. You then have the option to continue the adventure, adding a full day game drive, or return to camp for a leisurely morning or nap.

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Kakiya cave visit

We’re used to surprises in the Bush, but sometimes we get left open-mouthed. Finding an historic Masai cave in our conservancy was just such an occasion. As a result, our excursions have just become even more exciting!

We’d heard rumours of the cave’s existence, but after 10 years at Mara Bushtops, had no idea that within a 15 minute drive (and 10 minute hike) lay a centre of worship, sacrifice and communal gathering.

It’s called the Kakiya cave and it is truly incredible. Kakiya means the place of eating and drinking, giving us a pretty solid clue as to its central role in Masai life!

A walking safari through a scenic valley takes you into a hidden world. Here you can learn how to create a fire (without matches) before your Masai spotter explains the cave’s history, role and continued relevance to the Masai. This includes an explanation of the cave art, which uses red ochre to depict wild animals and warriors, usually created to celebrate a kill. It is hard to know when the cave was first used. We know some of the paintings are from the 1950s, but many may be much older. This activity has no additional cost.

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Lunch overlooking our salt lick

Our guests call is "the best view in the Maasai Mara"

Our private conservancy is a haven for wildlife – and the best bit is just yards from the camp. Directly in front of the restaurant and spa lies a salt lick. Animals love it, arriving primarily at noon but also throughout the day and night to absorb the minerals needed for healthy bones and growth.

This creates a constantly shifting nature show, as gazelle jostle with warthogs, zebra and impala, topi and buffalo. It is not unusual to have a herd of elephant join them – and we have hosted more than 40 giraffe at a time. Naturally, the predators take an interest, with leopard and lion visitors. We like to think Mara Bushtops is unique: as the only camp in the Mara with a natural salt lick this size! This has no additional cost.

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Masai Village Visit

Masai tribal villages are dotted around East Africa’s national parks. At Bushtops we highly recommend a visit to a Masai manyatta (village), to gain a rare insight into one of Africa best-known traditional cultures. Our relationship with local tribal elders has built trust and an agreement to allow us privileged access to authentic living history, perpetuated in the villages which border our private conservancy. This activity carries an additional cost.

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Night Game Drive

One of the unusual aspects of Mara Bushtops and owning our own conservancy is being able to arrange night game drives, which is included in the price when staying at Mara Bushtops. When the sun sets, nature shuffles its deck, revealing new players and dramas under the moonlit skies of the Masai Mara.

The lights of our 4x4s may pick out the eyes of a spring hare bounding like a kangaroo, or the loping figure of a hunter bearing down on a herd of impala. A night game drive is a wonderful opportunity to spot the best of Kenya’s wildlife – perhaps a lion, leopard or buffalo, a silver backed jackal, hyena or banded mongoose.

Masai spotters and unique night game drive technology
Masai spotters know where to look and seem able to see in the dark, aided by night torches. Our specially converted car is equipped with a heat-seeking night-vision camera, known as a ‘flir’, whose infra-red images are relayed to screens on the seatbacks ahead of you. This adds a new, unexpected dimension to game viewing – and another way in which we aim to surprise and delight our guests.

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Nkoilale School Visit

Education is the greatest gift – and helping out local schools is very much part of the Bushtops way. It’s fundamental to our belief that luxury safaris must go hand in hand with care for the land, its wildlife and the communities who were there long before us.

Our local schools are proud of what we achieve together, so the headmaster or a teacher is always happy to give our guests a tour. In around 45 minutes you get to meet the students, see them in class and note some of the projects we’ve funded, built or worked on.

A visit always creates an unforgettable impression: it’s a captivating experience, seeing how children in less fortunate communities take every chance they can get to learn – creating new opportunities for their future.

To take part in a school visit, just let us know before you arrive. If not, we may still be able to arrange things once you join us. There is no cost.

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Pre dinner drinks at the Amani Spa village star pool

A simply fantastic place to view the sunset and talk about the events of the day and the plan for tomorrow. The pool was designed with stars in the bottom that emit light through the water in the shape of the Orion constellation. This activity has no additional cost.

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Private Bush Breakfast

Picture this: an early morning wake-up call, followed by a mysterious drive into the wilderness. Then, as the sun rises and light floods the landscape, you find yourself in an oasis of tranquility.

You hop from the truck to survey this wonderland. Moments later, your table awaits you. This is your Private Bush breakfast.

It’s highly unlikely that you have ever started the day in such a glorious location, or in such splendid isolation. No fellow diners: just you, our chef and your ranger, serving a hot meal and an array of delicious buffet delicacies. A glorious day in the Bush has begun… This activity is included in the price for honeymooners but carries an additional cost for other guests.

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The best ending to any day. Watching a fiery red orb of light slowly sink beneath the horizon in the middle of the bush, all while chatting about the sightings of the day and enjoying some drinks with canapés. This activity is included in the price when staying at Mara Bushtops.

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Walking Safari

Explore our Conservancy on foot

One of the many advantages of being located in our own private lands is being able to run walking safaris directly from the camp. All you need is good walking shoes and a sense of adventure.

Our walks are always accompanied by an armed KWS Ranger and your Naturalist.

Other lodges in Maasai Mara Conservancies

Alternative places to stay in this same area.

Kicheche Bush Camp

Kicheche Bush Camp

Kicheche Bush Camp is a smart and intimate tented camp with a relaxed atmosphere and the perfect base in the Mara for keen photographers.

100% (98 reviews)
Kicheche Mara

Kicheche Mara

Kicheche Mara Camp has just eight tents and a rustic and comfortable feel. It is set by a stream in a pretty area of the Mara ecosystem's Mara North Conservancy.

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Kicheche Valley

Kicheche Valley

Kicheche Valley is a boutique tented camp in a wooded district of the Mara ecosystem's Naboisho Conservancy, with plenty of wildlife in the area.

99% (61 reviews)
Naboisho Camp

Naboisho Camp

Naboisho Camp is one of the most luxurious of the handful of camps in the Naboisho Conservancy. It offers day and night game drives, game walks and full creature comforts in the bush.

98% (48 reviews)
Offbeat Mara

Offbeat Mara

Offbeat Mara is a small traditional camp that appeals to safari traditionalists, located in one of the Maasai Mara’s quiet conservancies.

98% (41 reviews)
Elephant Pepper Camp

Elephant Pepper Camp

Elephant Pepper Camp is a small 10-tent bush camp, put together in the traditional "campaign" style, and including a large honeymoon/family tent.

99% (17 reviews)
Encounter Mara

Encounter Mara

Encounter Mara is located in the private Naboisho Conservancy – a game-rich area of the Mara ecosystem – and offers a contemporary take on the traditional, low-impact luxury safari camp.

93% (16 reviews)


Serian is a luxury tented camp on the east bank of the Mara River in the Mara North Conservancy. It is the sister camp of Ngare Serian, on the west bank.

97% (14 reviews)
Mara Plains Camp

Mara Plains Camp

Mara Plains is one of the very best camps in the Mara ecosystem. Located in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, just outside the Mara reserve, it has access to three wildlife-viewing areas.

100% (13 reviews)
Basecamp Eagle View

Basecamp Eagle View

Basecamp Eagle View is a community-focused safari camp in the Naboisho Conservancy, with a strong emphasis on responsible tourism and a spectacular location.

96% (10 reviews)
Kicheche Walking Wilderness

Kicheche Fly Camp

Kicheche Walking Wilderness Fly Camp is a temporaray dome tent camp set up for participants in Kicheche's two-day walking safari between Kicheche Valley and Kicheche Bush Camp.

96% (9 reviews)
Porini Lion Camp

Porini Lion Camp

Porini Lion Camp is a pioneering, community focused eco-camp, with excellent guides and game viewing, in the predator-rich, Olare Motorogi Conservancy.

83% (8 reviews)
Hemingways Ol Seki Mara

Hemingways Ol Seki

Magnificently located tented lodge on a bluff looking south across the Naboisho Conservancy toward the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

95% (8 reviews)
Ol Kinyei Adventure Camp

Ol Kinyei Adventure

Ol Kinyei Adventure Camp is a satelllite of the larger Porini Mara Camp. Both of them are located in the Maasai-owned Ol Kinyei conservancy, the oldest community conservancy in the Maasai Mara ecosystem.

98% (8 reviews)
Saruni Wild

Saruni Wild

Saruni Wild is a rustic and traditional safari camp in the Lemek Conservancy, with just three tents and limited electricity.

97% (7 reviews)
Ngare Serian

Ngare Serian

The luxurious Ngare Serian and its sister camp Serian face each other across the Mara River on the western side of the Mara North Conservancy

96% (5 reviews)
Porini Mara Camp

Porini Mara Camp

Porini Mara Camp is a small, pioneering eco-camp in the first private conservancy in the Mara region, with comfortable accommodation and a range of activities.

96% (5 reviews)
Offbeat Ndoto

Offbeat Ndoto

Small and intimate, Offbeat Mara is set in a valley above the (often dry) Olare Orok River within the Mara North Conservancy.

100% (5 reviews)
Cottars 1920s Camp

Cottars 1920s Camp

Cottar's 1920s Camp is a classic, luxury tented camp with a 1920s safari theme, located in its own conservancy on the southeast border of the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

92% (5 reviews)
Karen Blixen Camp

Karen Blixen Camp

Karen Blixen Camp sits on a meander of the Mara River in the Mara North Conservancy, just beyond the northern boundary of the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

90% (4 reviews)
Basecamp Leopard Hill

Basecamp Leopard Hill

With six beautiful tents, Basecamp Leopard Hill is a smart safari camp in the Naboisho Conservancy in the Maasai Mara ecosystem.

100% (4 reviews)


Leleshwa was a delightful, boutique safari camp on the picturesque banks of a tributary of the Talek, with an extensive, little visited game area on its doorstep.

90% (2 reviews)
Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri

Mahali Mzuri is a strikingly modern tented camp in the Virgin Limited Edition group, in a remote part of the Mara ecosytem's Olare Motorogi Conservancy. It has lovely views and all the luxuries of a five-star hotel.

100% (2 reviews)
Saruni Mara

Saruni Mara

Saruni Mara is a luxurious permanent lodge, on the remote northern edge of the Mara North Conservancy, with stunning views, good guiding and very private and comfortable rooms.

80% (1 review)
Mara Nyika

Mara Nyika

Mara Nyika is one of the newer additions to the Naboisho Conservancy and offers a luxurious and exclusive safari.

100% (1 review)
Basecamp Wilderness Camp

Basecamp Wilderness

Basecamp Wilderness Camp is a simple, traditional tented camp, set in a remote valley in the Naboisho Conservancy in the Mara ecoystem.

100% (1 review)
Cottars Private House

Cottars Private House

Cottar's Private House is one of the few truly luxurious, modern private houses in the Mara ecosystem, spoiling its guests with first-rate staff, a swimming pool and wonderful views.

No reviews yet


Entumoto is a high-end tented camp, with a swimming pool, situated in a very pretty location on the east side of the Maasai Mara ecosystem.

No reviews yet

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