Porini Mara Camp

Porini Mara Camp

6 tents
Fine for mature children 8+
1 July to mid-April

The first tented camp in the Mara region to be run with support from the local community, Porini Mara Camp is a genuine eco-camp nestled around the banks of the Ole Sabukiye River in the Ol Kinyei Conservancy (founded by Porini Mara’s owner), in the northern part of the Mara eco-system.

Our view of Porini Mara Camp

The pioneering Porini camps appeal to keen wildlife enthusiasts who are environmentally aware and enjoy close cultural contacts with the local community. Porini Mara isn’t fancy, but it’s now very nicely established in a beautiful, quiet corner of a conservancy that is exclusive to its guests. The tents are not huge and the furnishings are relatively rustic, but if you want to experience the bush and the animals without the likelihood of seeing other vehicles, and if you care particularly about good contacts with the local community, then we think you will love Porini Mara.

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