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Ngare Serian: Information from the owner

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No. of rooms 4
Last updated 11-Dec-2019

Main description of Ngare Serian

Ngare Serian: Facilities

Property facilities 24-hour Security, Bar, Battery Charging Facilities, Communal Dining, Eco Friendly, Laundry Service (Complimentary), Malaria Free, Meal on Request, Private Vehicle Available
Room facilities Balcony / Deck, Bath, Dressing Gowns, Electrical Outlets, En-Suite, Laundry Service (Complimentary), Lounge Area, Mosquito Nets, Pure Cotton Linen, Shower, Tea / Coffee
Available services Room Service
Activities on site (some activities may be seasonal) Big 5, Bird Watching, Catch-and-release Fishing, Game Drives, Game Viewing, Game Walks, High Tea, Night Drives, Safaris, Sleep Outs, Walks (Guided)
Activities nearby (some activities may be seasonal) Animal Encounters, Big 5, Bird Watching, Child Friendly Activities, Cultural Tours, Game Drives, Game Walks, Helicopter Scenic Flights, Hiking, Horse Riding, Horse-back Safaris, Hot-air Ballooning, Rhino Tracking, Safaris, Tree-top Canopy Tours

Room types at Ngare Serian

Marquee Tents

Marquee Tents

Ngare Serian consists of only 4 tents, and this intimacy makes it perfect for hosting a family holiday, or gathering a group of friends. The tents are dotted along the riverbank, decked out in style with Zanzibar four-poster beds and open bathrooms overlooking pods of hippo. Take a leaf out the hippos’ book: lounge languidly, soaking up the sights and sounds of the bush from the bathtub built into your veranda decking.

Activities at Ngare Serian

Adventure Flycamping

Adventure Flycamping

First off, a disclaimer: flycamping has nothing to do with flying. Rather, it takes its name from sleeping in the bush under nothing more than a flysheet, as was the camping tradition before the luxury-laden era of ‘glamping’ arrived.

The premise is that you spend the days walking, and the nights sleeping out in light weight tents, in a makeshift camp that moves each day – the end of each day’s walk brings you to your new site for the night.

Flycamping can easily be incorporated into your stay with us, with some nights spent in our main camp before and after – and in fact, we can’t recommend it enough. It can add a whole new dimension to your experience, and a taste of the wilderness that few others ever encounter.

Early Morning Walks

Early Morning Walks

Although ‘Walker’ really is Alex’s surname, being born to such an identity turns out to have been a self-fulfilling prophecy. Spending his childhood days out on foot with his father’s trackers, then turning this into a full-time career as soon as he possibly could, Alex’s passion is walking, and it is without a doubt his preferred method of accessing the bush.

Walking safaris epitomise the golden chance to get away from the trails and beaten tracks, and immerse in the environment in a way that the noise and speed of vehicles don’t permit. Once you slow down, there’s a whole world that you never noticed before. The beauty of walking is that it engenders an appreciation of an ecosystem’s sheer perfection: every tiny element has its place, and plays its role.

Stripping away the layers between you and an untamed setting beckons forth your primal instincts: your hearing, sight and smell all sharpen in response – and your appreciation of what you perceive is heightened as a result.

At Ngare Serian, we walk in our own private conservation area – a strictly no-vehicle zone that only we have access to. Here, you are likely to have close encounters with elephant, buffalo, hippo as well as more rare species like Chandler’s Mountain Reedbuck, klipspringer and oribi.

We employ scouts whose job it is to patrol the area and look out for snares, and walking in their company yields an insight into the land from the point of view of someone who roams it every day and knows it intimately.

Game Drives

Game Drives

The cornerstone of a safari experience at Serian is that each group has their own open-top safari vehicle, and their own dedicated guide and spotter. The freedom this grants you is key to getting the most out of your stay: go where the day takes you, without the limitations of fixed schedules, or fitting in with other peoples’ plans. Nothing but personal desire need dictate what you do.

Our vehicles are specially customised to be a climbing frame, and a photographer’s extra tool. They are comfortable, able to handle the terrain, and cover the distance…. And were designed for sun, rain, wind, and above all, the feeling of having as little as possible separating you from what’s out there.

Our guides and spotters are intimately familiar with these special places, so they know all its secrets and the ways the animals interact with it, from the subtle changes of the seasons, to the stages of an animals lifecycle, to the flora that sustains it all – they are the key that can unlock it all for you.

Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

An early morning departure from Ngare Serian will see you at your launchpad. Suspended in a basket beneath the balloon's canopy, you float over the plains and above the forest alongside the Mara River, checking out hippos, crocodile and elephant from high above. The flight time is generally in the region of one hour and ends with a champagne breakfast in the open grassland within the reserve. An unbeatable start to the day!

Night Game Drives

Night Game Drives

For so many, the definition of a night drive has come to be a quick scan around with spotlights en route back to camp after sundowners. For us though, it’s an exploration of the enigmatic nightlife that we are oblivious to as we sit around the dinner table and proceed to bed. Nocturnal creatures emerge, the heavens are festooned with stars, and the landscape mutates into a whole other world by the light of the moon.

Take a flask of soup and a picnic dinner, and set out with a spotlight: if nothing else, the solitude and silence by starlight is reason enough in itself. Using red-filtered bulbs to avoid dazzling the animals, scan the plains for that pride of lion looking ready to hunt. Once you’ve spotted them, switch to infrared floodlights, and watch the scene unfold through our infrared cameras. This is as close as you’ll get to invisibility, watching the wildlife without the fact of your presence affecting it.

Restaurants at Ngare Serian

Ngare Serian - Our Dining Table

Roisin & Adrian, our wondrous Mara managers, make for a fabulous foodie duo. Adrian, whose choice de-stress activity was mowing his lawn, decided to stretch his repertoire to an organic garden. Sourcing manure from local Masai, and rigging up beehives to dissuade peckish elephants, his herbs, fruit, veggies and honey began to thrive in the lush Mara climate. Enter Roisin: culinary genius with a knack for all things fresh and tasty. The morning’s leafy bounty is transformed into lunchtime deliciousness with casual ease and flair. Aside enchanting tastebuds, Adrian’s garden dodges the environmental unfriendliness of importing, and spreads goodness into the community through employment, vitamins and income for manure. Power to the plants!

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