Nairobi Tented Camp

Nairobi Tented Camp

8 tents
Fine for 8+
All year

The only accommodation inside Nairobi National Park, Nairobi Tented Camp opened in 2010. A traditionally styled camp of large tents, it's located in a hilly, densely wooded area of fig, ebony and wild olive trees on the west side of the park, close to several popular south-west Nairobi attractions.

Our view of Nairobi Tented Camp

We were excited to hear about the opening of Nairobi Tented Camp and it doesn’t disappoint. There’s a lot to be said for transferring straight from the airport into the bush, and as a first or last night in Kenya it offers an experience that no Nairobi hotel can match. The food, service and remarkable location make it one of the best options available for a stay in the city.

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