Photography holidays in Mozambique

Mozambique's nicest places for photography holidays

Mozambique offers marine national parks, hundreds of pristine islands and coral reefs - some of the loveliest scenery in Africa for the keen photographer. We don't offer any purely photography holidays in Mozambique; but we offer plenty of trips, which provide photographers with a varied array of enticing subjects.

For those kitted out for underwater photography, Bazaruto Archipelago and Quirimbas Archipelago are excellent. They offer a wide variety of coral and larger marine life, pristine reefs and turquoise seas. Here live the most important population of dugongs in the Western Indian Ocean, as well as good numbers of dolphins, turtles and whales. Whilst in the coral, ribbon eels, spotted sweetlips and yellow-banded snappers are just three of the many colourful subjects to phonograph.

Meanwhile beside the water, photographers in Mozambique will find pristine white-sand beaches with rare shells and, from a dhow cruise, some of the most picturesque sunsets on the Indian Ocean.

On land, a photography holiday in Mozambique might include some evocative and historic places like Ibo Island and Isle de Mozambique to photograph. Here you'll find ruins with majestic architecture, a few restored places and some of the oldest buildings in Mozambique. All speak of the days when these Indian Ocean trading posts were busy and wealthy and the hubs of regional trade.

Our best places for photography holidays in Mozambique