Photography holidays in Botswana

Best for photography holidays in Botswana

Botswana is one of Africa's top safari destinations - and also one of our top recommendations for photography holidays in Africa. Few of our holidays are group trips led by photographers; most are great safaris shared with others who love wildlife, and love to capture it on film.

From birdlife to big game, a wildlife photography holiday in Botswana won't disappoint you! The game roams freely between the huge Chobe National Park, Moremi Game Reserve and the country's many private reserves and national parks (which cover about 40% of the country). In all of these you'll find great photographic opportunities - but the private reserves probably offer the best, as here off-road driving is allowed, and so the opportunity for positioning for the best pictures is greater. Botswana is seldom cheap, but for photographers whose budget is really flexible, it's often possible to pay extra for a private vehicle and guide - allowing you much greater exclusivity and control over exactly where your spend your time in the bush.

Aside from its game, Botswana's scenery is worthy of note: in parts it's stunning. The Okavango Delta stands out for its patchwork of papyrus swamps, reed-beds, floodplains and small palm-fringed islands which all go to make it such a beautiful destination for a photography holiday. Botswana's Makgadikgadi Pans - vast salt-flats which are the residues from an ancient lake - offer a complete contrast, forming the starkly beautiful backdrop to stands of swaying, feathery palms.

Cultural experience and the tribes in Botswana attract some visitors in the country - who often concentrate on bands of the San / Bushmen. Photographers are often fascinated by these hunter-gatherers, who live such different lives from our own, and in such a different environment. Meanwhile, on the hills at the Tsodilo, you can photograph one of the greatest collections of San / Bushmen rock art in Africa.

Our 10 favourites for photography holidays in Botswana