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Birdwatching in Mozambique

Mozambique birdwatching

Best for birdwatching in Mozambique

Mozambique stretches over 2000km from north to south. It is a lush and varied country, and birding in Mozambique is particularly good along its Indian Ocean coastline. Migrant coastal waders are found in the south, whilst the ornithological records of the bays and islands of the north are still incomplete.

Birdwatching in Mozambique offers the chance to see spectacular species including the endangered Thyolo alethe; beautiful white-tailed blue flycatcher; and striking red and blue double-collared sunbirds. Other popular and colourful species include the mangrove kingfisher; tiny greenbul; and olive-headed weaver.

One of the birding highlights of southern Mozambique is Gorongosa National Park, which has open woodlands, grasslands and expansive seasonal wetlands. This was one of our highlights for birding in Mozambique when we visited Gorongosa in 2011. We had many great sightings including crowned cranes and the vocal Burchell's coucal, not to mention plenty of the common red-necked spurfowl.

In the far north, the Quirimbas Archipelago remains relatively untouched and thus of special interest to keen birdwatchers. Ornithological records here are constantly being updated, with new sightings recorded very frequently.

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