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Best 2 beach lodges and resorts in Ras Kutani area

Listed below are our recommendations for nice places to stay in Ras Kutani area. Ask us for more details of what's likely to suit you best!

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Ras Kutani

Ras Kutani

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Ras Kutani is situated on a quiet stretch of white beach south of Dar es Salaam, tucked in amongst lush tropical vegetation on ...More about Ras Kutani

Excellent  97%
(85 reviews)

Already written a review covering both stays [Ed: see below] Ras Kutani reviews...

Amani Beach

Amani Beach

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Located on Tanzania’s Ras Kutani coast, Amani Beach fronts a beautiful stretch of broad white beach and sits in almost 0.5km2 ...More about Amani Beach

Good  90%
(4 reviews)

Amana beach - fun landing at the air strip. Great sized bungalows. Beautiful and quiet, but too much so for kids / teenagers. They need a few boogi boards and to be higher ... Amani Beach reviews...

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