Selous Game Reserve

Map of Selous Game Reserve's main safari camps and lodges

This map shows the scattering of safari camps and lodges in Selous Game Reserve. Read more about them by clicking the blue markers, and following the links in the bubbles to more details, or a closer view.

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Things to see on this map of Selous Game Reserve

Looking at the main river on the map, which comes from the south and west, flowing north-east until around the marker for 'Sand Rivers Camp. Then you'll see this continuing east, although you'll also see channels fanning off north and north-west, into a verdant green area. This is a prolific area for wildlife, and hence you'll see a cluster of safari camps all standing at the edge of it: Rufiji River Camp, Impala Camp, Selous Safari Camp and Lake Manze Camp area all here.

Beho Beho is set slightly north-west of this group, in its own area of foothills and verdant valleys, which Sable Mountain Lodge is just outside the north-west side of the park, and really well away from the main area for game.

Zoom in on the lush area where the Rufiji River spreads out and you'll see the amazing network of channels and lakes – some present and flowing, others white and completely silted up. (These are some of the famous 'Sand Rivers' of the Selous!)

See our reference map of the north of Selous Game Reserve for a more pictorial representation of the same area.

Follow this river to the coast of Tanzania, where it meets the Indian Ocean – and you'll see a good view of the little-known Rufiji River Delta, which is an important site for the coast's marine ecology. Some claim this is the world's largest mangrove forest!

Click onto any of the markers, and follow the links in the bubbles, for more detailed maps of the locations of the various bushcamps and safari lodges.

Navigating around this Selous Game Reserve

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