Hobas Lodge

Hobas Lodge

6 chalets
Best for aged 12+.
All year

Opened in 2017, Hobas Lodge lies at the Hobas gateway to the eastern side of Namibia’s iconic Fish River Canyon, within the /Ai-/Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier National Park. It shares a sprawling site with a restaurant that’s open to the public and a long-established campsite.

Our view of Hobas Lodge

The change of focus at Hobas, from a campsite (used primarily by those adventurous enough to take on the lengthy Fish River Canyon hike) to a more general lodge, may take some time. It could perhaps be a good choice for those wanting to get to the canyon viewpoints as early as possible, with minimal travel, but we are struggling to see why the new lodge would be preferable to more established properties just a short drive away.

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