Tsavo West National Park

Best 2 lodges and safari camps in Tsavo West National Park

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Severin Safari Camp

Severin Safari Camp

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Of the limited number of accommodation options in Tsavo West, Severin Safari Camp is one of just three tented camps and unusual ...More about Severin Safari Camp

Excellent  100%
(4 reviews)

We loved our time at Severin and they were most friendly and accommodating in every way. Lovely meals in a lovely setting ... We were also able to stay in our rooms on ... Severin Safari Camp reviews...

Lions Bluff Lodge

Lions Bluff Lodge

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Located in the Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary, between Tsavo West National Park and the coast, Lion’s Bluff Lodge – the former ...More about Lions Bluff Lodge

Good  80%
(1 reviews)

I had really high expectations for Lions Bluff, but the electricity and hot water were spotty. Also, one night I heard something on the roof of my tent, that sounded like ... Lions Bluff Lodge reviews...

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