Miti Mingi Guest House

Miti Mingi Guest House

4 en-suite rooms
Fine for all ages
All year

Located in a quiet part of the booming Nairobi suburb of Westlands, Miti Mingi (the name means ‘many trees’) is a relatively modern, modestly sized bed-and-breakfast guesthouse set in a lush garden. The owners oversee the management of the guesthouse and live in a separate house in the grounds. Unfortunately, Miti Mingi closed in 2014.

Our view of Miti Mingi Guest House

We think Miti Mingi is the best mid-priced guesthouse in Nairobi. It has all the privacy of a boutique hotel with the informality and convenience of a trusted bed and breakfast. We love the garden and the frog-chorus from the river in the evening. It always feels safe and relaxed: the staff are kind and helpful; and it’s a joy to be only a few steps from the kitchen and garden.

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