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Stanley Safari Lodge
Stanley Safari Lodge
Stanley Safari Lodge
Stanley Safari Lodge
Stanley Safari Lodge
Stanley Safari Lodge

Stanley Safari Lodge: Information from the owner

General information

Safari Lodge
No. of rooms
Check-in time
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All the information on this page is supplied to us directly from the lodge owner and reflects their view, not ours.

For Expert Africa's view, see our own full report on Stanley Safari Lodge, which contains our own observations and views.

Last updated by Owner
19 Oct 2020
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Facilities at Stanley Safari Lodge

Property facilities
24-hour Security, Activity Desk, Laundry Service (Complimentary), Library, Meal on Request, Mobile Connectivity, Pool, Restaurant, Secure Parking
Room facilities
Bath, En-Suite, Fan, Hair Dryer, Laundry Service (Complimentary), Lounge Area, Mosquito Nets, Pure Cotton Linen, Safe, Shower, Verandah
Activities on site
Bird Watching
Nearby activities
Adrenaline Activities, Bird Watching, Boat Cruises, Boating, Canoeing, Child Friendly Activities, Cultural Tours, Cycling, Fishing, Game Drives, Game Viewing, Game Walks, General Sightseeing, Golf, Helicopter Rides, Historical Tours, Kayaking / Paddling, Museums, Rhino Tracking, River Cruises, Safaris, Scenic Flights, Walks (Guided)

Room types at Stanley Safari Lodge

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closed colonial suite with private plunge pool

The closed colonial Livingstone Suite with private plunge pool is built in a different style as the rest of the lodge. It is entirely closed, with doors and windows, has a covered terrace with plunge pool and a shower, bath, washbasin and toilet. This suite is available in double, twin, single or triple (extra bed) configuration. This suite has also a lounge with fire place.

The closed colonial Stanley family Suite with private plunge pool has the same style and feel as the Livingstone Suite. As it is a Family Suite, it has a smaller children’s bedroom with twin beds, shower, washbasin and toilet. The master bedroom has double or twin beds, double shower, bath, washbasin and toilet. The lounge which is between both rooms has a fire place, while the covered terrace has its plunge pool.

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open suite with private plunge pool

The open Honeymoon Suite with private plunge pool has a double bed, double shower, bath, washbasin, toilet with a view, lounge area with fire place and a terrace with private plunge pool.

The open Family Suite has a double or twin beds, shower, bath, washbasin, toilet with a view, a mini-plunge pool and a lounge with 2 small convertible beds for 2 children under 10 years). The lounge, bedroom and bathroom are interconnected.

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Standard open and closed cottages

Stanley Safari Lodge has 6 normal cottages which are open-sided. Every room has bath and shower facilities, toilet, washbasin and a terrace or small garden. With prior notice, most rooms can be configured in double, twin, single or triple configuration.

Activities at Stanley Safari Lodge

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Bungi Jump

From the centre of the bridge that spans the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe this Bungee jump is the second highest in the World. 111m drop into thin air is perhaps THE Worlds biggest adrenaline rush. Not particularly physically difficult - all you do is....jump....mentally, however, you have to be , well , mental!

Available throughout the day this activity has a 100% safety record - Over to you!

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Canoe Safari

As the river braids you embark on 2 man Canadian style canoes at Sindabezi island and float and gently paddle downstream as your guide navigates you to where the best game viewing can be had in some of the hidden tranquil areas of the Upper Zambezi. Available as half day excursions this is a absolute MUST for birder as you will encounter water-birds here that you'll not see anywhere else in this part of Zambia

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Chobe day trip

Domain of the Elephant: Chobe is home to 1/3 of all the African Elephants in the Word, Chobe stretches from the Zambian border crossing over the Chobe river at Kasane towards the massive expanse of the Okavango Delta

This day trip is perfect for those who have not included a safari activity in their itinerary and who long to see vast herds of elephant and all the of the big game in their natural environment. An early wake up call here (07.00) and roughly 90 minutes later you’ll be crossing the Chobe river into one of the most celebrated game parks in Africa

Including lunch and all refreshments this is perhaps our most popular activity at the Stanley. You’ll be returned to the Stanley at 18.00 in plenty of time for sunset drinks and dinner You’ll spend most for the day in open sided safari vehicles so please take good sun precautions

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Elephant Back safari

Thought to be completely untameable since the time of Hannibal, this herd of African elephants comprise orphans from across southern Africa who have been acclimated to humans over the past 30 years and now offer an amazing way to travel through the national Park and view the scenery and wildlife unnoticed by the other species. The unrelated individuals have formed a herd that inter-relates freely with the local wild elephants to the extent that one of them has just produced a calf (born September 2004). One of the highlights for most people is the chance to interact, feed pet and experience closeness with these amazing, enormous beasts.

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Helicopter flight

From the exclusive heliport just 10 minutes away from the Stanley the pilots whisk you away on one of their 3 brand new helicopters offering unparalleled photographic opportunities as you swoop across the
borders, game and close above the drop:
Available at
15 min – the rightly christened flight of angels across the falls and National Park

Or 30 mins (recommended) where you circle the falls then swoop down into the Songwe Gorge itself and skim down the river across 10 rapids to return across the National Park to base.

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Lion Walk

Walk with Lion cubs

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Livingstone Island

Only available during low water periods – typically from July to February – this is unquestionably the Experience that everyone raves about. You’ll be transported in a small speedboat from the Royal Livingstone Jetty to the islet on the lip of the falls where Livingstone first glimpsed the 111m drop. Offering unquestionably the best perspectives of the falls and gorge from anywhere this activity is strictly restricted to 12 people max per visit so early booking is vital. Each trip varies slightly in terms of the time you have at the edge of the Falls, the buffet offered in their luxury

palanquin and the time available to swim in the Devil’s Pool.

The devils pool is a life experience for most and involves an aquatic/paddle/scramble/swim across 15m of stream to the pool at the edge of the falls where you may swim, dive or enjoy a Zambezi Jacuzzi within inches of the cliff edge! This peak life experience is guided by experienced, enthusiastic and acrobatic guides who guard your valuables while you swim as well as take your photos while you swim. The devils pool swim is an optional extra only available when conditions allow. It is not guaranteed

You’ll have to be able to get in and out of a small speedboat from the beach and swim/crawl in flowing water (assisted by guides) for about 15 meters.

The river is rocky and slippery in places

Livingstone Museum

Recently restored as part of the Livingstone 150 years celebration this year (2005) this charming old building is the repository of some extraordinary artefacts from Zambia’s prehistory, the early 20th century as well as some priceless artefacts of both David Livingstone and Henry Morton Stanley’s travels through the area.

A short 15 minute drive from the Stanley Safari Lodge, this visit can be arranged at any time with the manager


Just you, a pilot, a hang-glider canopy and a single prop propels you through the sky at lower altitudes and feeling truly part of nature this is not for people who fear heights!

Only available between 7h00-10h00 or 15h30-17h30

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Mosi O Tunya NP game drive

Founded in 1932 this is the smallest National Park in Zambia which means that you can get around and see the denser concentrations of animal more quickly and efficiently for those an tighter timetable. We would not generally recommend those in transit to or from the great safari parks of the Okavango Delta, Chobe or Kruger on this visit as they will have ample time to experience game in those environments. However your highpoint here may be to see the only 2 white Rhino in Zambia roaming free in the park. Other species include, Elephant, Zebra, the endemic
Thorneycroft’s Giraffe, Kudu, Waterbuck, Impala, Bushbuck Vervets and Buffalo. There are no big cats or predators within the park and so the game is approachable and unafraid.

There are several ways to enjoy our National Park:

Game Drive
Available in half day drives I the morning and evening, the morning drive picks you up from Stanley at 08.00 and you should return at around 12.30. the evening drive collects you at 3pm and returns you to Stanley at 18.30 in
ample time for sunset drinks.

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Mosi O Tunya Walking safari

Pioneered in the Great parks of Luangwa and now available across Zambia, These half day excursions allow you to experience the sights, sounds, feel and smell of the bush. Chaperoned by an experienced local guide, to walk through the bush observing not only the big game at close quarters but also experiencing the smaller, often overlooked fauna and flora that make the Africa bush the rich ecosystem that is unique on the planet.

Walking Safari are half day either morning or afternoon, include refreshments and transport to and from Stanley.

Mukuni traditional village

Livingstone’s history stretches way back for centuries before the first European settlers colonized. The village of Mukuni has records of continuous occupation stretching back some 700 years. Ruled over by the joint chief and chieftainess life continues here much as it has for the past 7 centuries. A visit here offers you the authentic reality of life in rural Zambia. You’ll be dropped under the tree where Stanley waited for 2 days for a meeting with the then chief Mukuni and then your village guide will show you around the village going about it’s normal daily business, cracking nuts for cookking oil, fetching water, brewing sorghum beer and crop harvesting. The recent tourism boom has helped this subsistence farming community greatly and you may visit the craftsmen who produce the wonderful traditional carvings, adornments and curios. You’ll be able to pick them up from the street stall here more cheaply than in the markets in town and by the falls. The visit can take an hour or longer if you prefer and is possible any time of the day by arrangement with the manager.

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River Safari

On Smaller flat bottomed safari boats, groups of usually less than 8 and experienced safari guide will take you into upstream along the shores of the national Park and then you float down alongside the shore and witness the game and birds all coming to drink from the river at dusk. Tranquil peaceful and one of the most gentle ways to game view at dusk away from the busier sections of the river. Perennially popular, this is often the nicest way to spend your first night at Stanley and is a wonderful introduction to the Zambezi.

Drinks and snacks are provided and you will be returned to the lodge in time for your evening meal

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Sunset Cruise

Christened after the Bogart and Bacall's classic vessel this restored Edwardian two storey steamer has been a feature of the Zambezi for decades. Teak deck and chrome balustrades evoke the glamour of a century ago. This is one of the most popular and convivial activities along the Waterfront and attracts large numbers every night for the Sunset "booze-cruise". Whilst the sun may set into the sleek Zambezi waters - the level of your gin ad tonic will never go down....... This evening excursion appeals obviously to more gregarious guests and can be quite boisterous - a fun way to watch the sun go down on the water and maybe meet others staying in other lodges and hotels.

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tour of the Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls stroll.

The perfect way to start your stay. A gentle stroll from the Local market through the indigenous rainforest cloaking the falls from the Zambian side. A World Heritage site you really should not miss this. A chance to view the falls and rainbows from the best vantage points

along the length of the gorge and down under the border bridge down the Songwe gorge downstream. The walk takes about 40 minutes - 1-2 hour and is quite easy going.

We will advise you of the state of the river prior to departure so you are prepared for the spray levels!

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White Water Rafting

The jewel in the crown of activities from Livingstone, the stretch of the Zambezi downstream from the falls is universally hailed as the most challenging as well as longest stretch of rapids anywhere in the World - We
will not try and best the superlatives that have already been lavish on the 24 cataracts rapids and death defying falls that characterise our 24 rapid stretch. You'll be tossed flipped bounced and catapaulted against standing waves of
water before plummeting through vertiginous gorge drops. Patently this activity is only suitable for good swimmers comfortable in very rough water.
Between the rapids you'll float or gently paddle through some of the most beautiful landscape in Africa and see sights that are only visible from the river This will be without question an experience that you will never forget
This comes at a price! the only access to the start of the rafting is a vertiginous walk down the side of the canyon - aided by fixed logs these become ladders in the steeper places. It is an extremely exerting half hour on the way down...... on the way back up afterwards it is unspeakably dreadful - and for extra humiliation - your guides will lope effortlessly past you on the vertical slopes carrying a 100kg pack on their backs. At the summit your clothes will have rapidly dried of Zambezi water and be drenched again with your sweat - you'll be offered beers soft drinks and a delicious buffet and be feeling quite pleased with yourself and feeling relaxed and exhilarated from your experience - HAHA! The transfer back here is on a 1st world war vintage un-sprung Russian truck across terrain that better
qualifies as a big dipper than a road. A full hour and half later at Stanley - well, if you ever had any, you will have no cellulite left!

With pleasure comes pain so please bear this in mind when reserving you place. Be aware that different stretches of the river are open at different times of the year as the river's height fluctuates. Check with us what's available when you arrive. There is the option of a heli lift out (min 4 people) that will effectively double the cost - but you wont know what a bargain that is until you're half way back!

Other lodges in Livingstone & Victoria Falls

Alternative places to stay in this same area.

Avani Victoria Falls

Avani Victoria Falls

Just a few minutes walk from the Victoria Falls, good facilities, lovely grounds and adequate rooms at a modest price make Avani a good choice for a short visit.

85% (222 reviews)
Royal Livingstone Hotel

Royal Livingstone Hotel

Conveniently located just a short walk from the Zambia. side of the Victoria Falls, the colonial-style Royal Livingstone has beautiful grounds and small but quite luxurious rooms.

93% (85 reviews)


Secluded on the banks of the Zambezi, less than 20km from the Victoria Falls, Tongabezi is one of the most exclusive lodges in Zambia.

93% (61 reviews)
Islands of Siankaba

Islands of Siankaba

In a lovely location on the Zambezi upriver of the Victoria Falls, Islands of Siankaba provides a tranquil setting to relax at the start or end of a safari to Botswana or Zambia.

96% (54 reviews)
Waterberry Zambezi Lodge

Waterberry Lodge

Offering great value for money and within easy reach of the Victoria Falls, Waterberry is a small, family-friendly lodge on the banks of the Zambezi River.

98% (42 reviews)
Toka Leya Camp

Toka Leya Camp

The new Toka Leya Camp stands beside the Zambezi inside Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park – so wildlife often passes through. It's a comfortable tented camp which has great service and includes a range of activities.

88% (22 reviews)
The River Club

The River Club

The River Club, near Zambia's town of Livingstone and the Victoria Falls, overlooks the Zambezi River.

93% (18 reviews)


Sindabezi, near Zambia's town of Livingstone and the Victoria Falls, is an island in the middle of the Zambezi River

98% (16 reviews)
David Livingstone Safari Lodge

David Livingstone Lodge

The four-star David Livingstone Safari Lodge is in a lovely spot on the edge of the Zambezi River in Zambia, close to the Victoria Falls.

86% (7 reviews)
Thorntree River Lodge

Thorntree River Lodge

Rebuilt in 2017, Thorntree River Lodge is one of the best riverside lodges in Livingstone, with a strong sense of the environment and straightforward access to the Falls.

100% (3 reviews)
Tangala House

Tangala House

Tangala House, the family home near Zambia's town of Livingstone and the Victoria Falls

No reviews yet
Sussi & Chuma

Sussi & Chuma

Sussi & Chuma combines a luxurious, laid-back camp with a good location on the Zambezi River, with quick access to the Victoria Falls.

No reviews yet

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